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  1. Thank you so much! It's been too much, and she is the reason why I left. So much childhood trauma came back rushing.
  2. That is okay with me. My only concern is if USCIS will tell her that I withdrew the application for her.
  3. I don't want her to get the GC. I don't want her here because it means I have to deal with everything she comes with. Her visiting here is already too much and taking a toll on my mental health. I can't imagine the stress I'll be dealing when she's a GC already.
  4. She knows I filed the petition. I can't tell her that I would like to withdraw because it will make me the bad child AGAIN.
  5. Hello! I am a USC. I filed for form I-130 for my mother recently, and later realized that I cannot take care of her so I would like to withdraw my petition. She doesn't know that I would like to withdraw my petition, and I don't have plans on telling her. Will USCIS tell her that I withdrew her application or she will never find out? Thanks in advance.
  6. I filed in June. My biometrics appointment is on August 18.
  7. I filed on June 24 online. My biometrics appointment in on August 18.
  8. I received this email couple of days ago, but when I checked it online, I didn't see any changes. What could this be? Anyone experienced this? Thanks!
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