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  1. Congrats, it's such a huge relief that's for sure. When my wife received her Permanent Resident Card in the mail she was in shock and disbelief. I was so proud and happy for her. All that hard work paid off! Enjoy it! You guys earned it!
  2. Yes you can. But you would need to make sure and go early before your scheduled appointment or the day before. Because of the lines of people that typically are there.
  3. You are right, we are currently visiting Mexico, my wifes home country and omg the food is so damn good. She really missed Mexico and everything that comes with it.
  4. In my opinion its not worth it!!! The I-129F is fairly straightforward. But hey if you feel it's helpful to your situation then by all means use them. Best of luck!!!
  5. Amen to that TBoneTx... doing 80 in the fast lane is sloooowww. My poor wifey has a lot to learn. Haha
  6. Do it before you enter! Much easier in my opinion and possibly cheaper.
  7. My wife which is from mexico says... 1 learning to speak english somewhat fluently has been her biggest hurdle. Some of my friends dont speak english. 2 The fact that nobody walks anywhere around here to do anything just blows her mind. Lol 3 At first relying on me "husband" for almost everything. In regards to transportation, money, work was hard. Soon she assumed more responsibility and felt like she was doing her part to help and felt more independent. 4 Central A/C & Heat. Believe it or not she prefers the nice and comfy concrete houses of home state of Guanajuato. They have beautiful climate as well. 5 Being home a lot... that was really tough the first 6ish months. But now she has a lot to do during the days and also walks to the supermarket almost daily that is 3 blocks away. 6 Houses are constructed of wood. She couldn't understand how houses around here, like ours, are made of wood and have siding Haha... She now understands that. She thought they would just blow over. 😅 7 Learning to drive... she is still learning to drive. But has gotten much better. Things she loves 1 Not having to work or stress about money and food. 2 Being able to completely take care and be in charge of the house and everything that goes with it. Making dinner for us, she loves that... taking care of our garden and flowers!!! She likes to help me with mowing and taking care of the yard. She has put a beautiful womans touch to our home. I love it. 3 Having 2 reliable cars, that takes us anywhere. 4 Being able to travel a lot. 5 Meeting new people, making friends and my family and friends. 6 Wi-Fi she talks to her family and friends on the daily. 7 She is now responsible for paying some of the bills for the house and making financial decisions with me about purchaces for the home. She likes that she can be responsible and independent about those things. I love not having to come home and have to worry about those things anymore. Of course everyone is going to have a different experience and opinions about life here. But those are just a few off the top of my head that i can think of for my wife. Her 1 year mark will be October 17th!
  8. No need to fill out I693. That was done at her overseas medical and is in her file with USCIS. It will be fwd to the local office. As long as her DS3025 is marked completed at the bottom you are good to go. No worries at all. Make sure you send a copy of your completed DS3025 with the AOS packet. Best of luck!!!
  9. They will most definitely have to wait outside and to the side of the consulate. They will ask you if he or she is here. Just answer "Here in Juarez or Outside the Consulate" They wont let them inside unless specifically ask for, in some very rare cases they do. Best of luck! All will be fine!
  10. It gets automatically extended, no need to worry. You can call the embassy, they will tell you the same and not to worry. Best of luck!!!
  11. Congratulations to the both of you. Now take a deeeeep breath, I wouldn't stress to much about it. Not every person gets asked for the exact same info from time to time.
  12. You will be fine. Dont worry about it. You seem to have plenty of evidence. My wife isn't on my mortgage either. Not a peep was asked about that. Best of luck!
  13. This looks great! Its about what we took, we took maybe a bit more, but this will be more than enough! Don't stress much! Best of luck!
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