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  1. Actually just now checking my emails after getting home from work. Case number received. My husband is in Puerto Plata
  2. No case number yet...my case was received 12-10 so I guess next week for me. Ok my friend...best of luck. What part of DR is he in?
  3. I'm going to follow you because I want to know the same thing.
  4. I'm with you...NVC received Dec 10. It's taking the full 8 weeks apparently
  5. Still waiting on my case number too. Today was the 7 week mark. Ugh.
  6. I'm at week 5 and still no case number.
  7. NVC posted this on their website for any who are at NVC stage: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/lapse-in-appropriations.html
  8. Has anyone else, that was approved, received an email about biometrics appointment? I didn't get the letter yet and I'm freaking out as usual. Help. Is this good or bad?
  9. I keep getting alerts too but no info...not sure what that's about...3 weeks on friday since our approval on the 23rd and I WILLLL be calling!
  10. That's great news friends...so happy for you! Keep us posted please.
  11. Have you called them yet?? When is a good time to start calling? I called 2 weeks after I got the approval notice..lol..nothing yet.
  12. Maybe not reset...I heard an RFE can hold you up about 2 weeks. In my case it was about 3. I know how you feel friend. It's coming soon. You will probably get a letter in the mail. Nothing on the either site or the app has been updated for me yet.
  13. Yeah mine was an RFE where they wanted another one of my passport photos. I think the last one I didn't write my name on the back. Crucial mistake on my part.
  14. Oh I'm sure of the difference friend