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  1. KristaDaniel87


    My fiancé arrived at 5:45 am
  2. Yaaay so excited for ya'll!
  3. Thank you and I know the feeling oh too well. When is your interview if u don't mind me asking?
  4. Yes the joint sponsor filled out the i134 form, I didn't think it was the corr2ct form but like I said they gave my fiancé no problem with the affidavit of support.
  5. No I didn't email them to the embassy, my fiancé just took the paperwork with him when he had his interview. They didn't give him no problems or asked him about anything about the joint sponsor.
  6. The embassy in Ghana doesn't let the petitioner inside the embassy only the beneficiary. That embassy is VERY strict
  7. I found one for I found one for a little over $1,000 but if we wait til the 1st tickets are about 1,400 1,600. Once he tells me everything is correct on the visa than I'll booknhis flight. Can't believe I'm paying basically $2,000 for a one way ticket ( due to the first ticket I lost out on).
  8. Oh yeah I think they have been ready for weeks but was just waiting till after Christmas. But its fine we get to spend new year's together and my fiancé birthday happens to be on New Year's as well. All well wishes to everybody!
  9. My fiancé passport is ready!!!!!!
  10. They may not be releasing no visas due to the government shutdown.
  11. Yea I totally understand now, but hey I guess you live and learn. We were just so excited that we got approved that I forgot about reading on the embassy website not to book no flights til you have the visa in hand. But all that totally slipped my mind cause all we were thinking about was getting him here before Christmas to spend with our daughter for her first Christmas. All we can do now is just qait and hope for a better outcoming next week.
  12. I lost $1,000 so I totally understand how you are feeling. All I can't do is pray that we all receive tge visa next week and that this government shutdown doesn't delay the passports anymore longer. I will definitely be calling the embassy first thing Monday morning Gh time cause this is just madness.
  13. Everytyime I call the embassy they say to wait til DHL emails us for pick up and every time my fiancé goes to DHL which has been 3 times they say that they haven't recieved no passports. I really doubt that the ceac tracker is incorrect they are just lollygaging within the embassy.