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  1. We just had our interview (and approval ) yesterday, and I would like to share my opinion. First, I owe a great deal to the members on VJ, because they cleared up a lot of my questions and concerns both in the forums and through private message. Everything from filling out the forms to gathering evidence can be confusing and the instructions from other members made it so much easier. Also, a few members were even super nice and notified those of us waiting for interviews through the embassy in Ghana when dates were available. Always reach out to those couples who have dealt with the embassy you are going through. This is not an easy process and every bit helps!! However, you have to use the advice of others at your own discretion... Second, a lot of members share their experiences (good and bad) without including a lot of "backstory". For some of the denials, I saw people say they did not know why or give misleading information. However, if you are smart, you will realize that most denials fall into a list of categories and you can double check your case with similar cases to get a good idea of your chances for approval and if there are red flags to be addressed. I will not comment on others relationships, but age/cultural/religious differences, the time spent together, time spent in a relationship before becoming engaged, and language barriers are often highlighted for their significance in the approval process. Other than that, you have instructions on what to send in your application, as well as, the requirements. Going above and beyond the requirements is an option for some and a necessity for others. Lastly, true love overcomes all. Some of us are fortunate to have approvals, but some are denied - that's an unfortunate fact. But there are many couples who did not give up, they did not let the government decide their fate. There is always a Plan B. You may not yet be able to together here, but the world is open to you - international and online employment is at its peak right now. Even a basic American salary can go a long way in certain countries. You are not stuck - it may take time to meet the requirements for an approval, but how you utilize the time is completely up to you and your fiance/spouse.
  2. Thank you!! We are very blessed to have been able to schedule an interview so soon after receiving the Packet 3. We waited until we got the email...it was hard, but honestly we have come so far that we didn't want to risk any setbacks caused by our own impatience. They actually released a few interview dates about a month before we got our email and I almost lost it 😂 I know it's a hard wait because you are so close to the end, but Packet 3 comes after an average of 6 weeks (sometimes a little more). It's coming!!!
  3. Just curious about what everyone's fiance brought with them to the interview... It seems like Ghana applicants bring lots of proof due to it being a tough embassy. We did not frontload our initial package, but I am trying to make sure I have everything now. We already know about the passport photos, DS160, police report, birth certificates, and medical. Also, not sure if it helps but we met and dated in person while working in a different country. We've been together a couple of years. And this last year we lived apart because I returned to the states, but I have visited him twice. Here is what we have..... (1) i134 form a. 2015-2017 tax transcripts and W2s b. 1 year of paystubs c. Verification of employment letter (2)Proof of Ongoing Relationship a. 25 pictures of us from my summer trip to Ghana (some with his friends and family) b. itinerary from my flight c. Airbnb and hotel confirmations d. whatsapp chat transcript (3)Letter of Intent to Marry Are we missing anything?? Any other interview suggestions...
  4. I definitely feel the same. It is getting harder and harder each week. I want to visit, but I feel like the time is so close to planning our wedding to spend that much money.
  5. Unfortunately, yes, I sent the pictures of our engagement. I wish I would have reached out before I filed, but hindsight is 20/20 We can only hope the CO has not made up their mind before he submits more evidence at the interview.
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your input! We can only stay hopeful at this point.
  7. Hello Everyone, After submitting the petition, I am a little confused about whether or not we included everything I need for "proof". I am reading through posts and the reviews/experiences with Ghana embassy seem to be varied, but many have negative experiences regarding the K-1 Approval. My fiance and I met in person when we both worked in the Middle East. The first part our relationship was in person and we continued our relationship long distance after I moved back to the States. I visited Ghana (his home country) last year for the first time to meet his family and he proposed. In the petition, we included about 6 pictures of us together, visa stamps and a few of our engagement photos. Now, I am reading that many suggest including chat logs/phone logs, pictures with friends/family, cards/love letters and other items to frontload the petition. Is this something we can correct when we submit the proof of ongoing relationship at the interview? I was under the assumption that only proof of meeting in the last 2 years was needed, but I guess I was wrong.
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