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  1. In my case, my fiance got the hard copy in his mail box exactly a week after he got noa1 by text. u will see on the top right of ur hard copy it'll stated the "notice date". That's your noa1 date.. for me it's the same date as the date when we got the text.
  2. Hi everybody, Do u guys know any info on : 1. when will USCIS be off for xmas and new year break and how long it will be ? 2. how long will I-129F November 2019 filers got their case delayed due to this year end holiday ? (a month delay to get noa2, maybe?) Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mine was delivered to USCIS on November 5,2019. Got NOA1 by text on Nov 12, 2019 and received hard copy of NOA1 sent by mail on Nov 17,2019
  4. In what stage are you now ? You can just send the scanned form to your fiance. No need to mail it. And I-134 not necessary before you get the NVC case number (after NOA2).
  5. Hi all, I received 2nd email about my I-129F approval estimate.. I know it is only an estimation.. But I just wanted to know what is the parameter on that ? Based on what ? Since it's different date with the 1st
  6. Please take a look at your I-129F page 6.. Right there, it's written "If your beneficiary is currently in the United States, complete Item Numbers 38.a. - 38.h." So your passport number isn't necessary. Now the homework is just the children matter.
  7. Thank you for sharing me your experience.. I have another questions if you don't mind 1. Do I have to bring the filled and signed I-134 form to my interview ? (I will also bring W2 (3 past years) , IRS tax transcripts (3 past years), and pay stubs) 2. How many recent pay stubs considered as sufficient ? Regards.
  8. Hi guys, Is that true that if the petitioner's/sponsor's salary more than 100% of the poverty guideline, then in the form I-134 the petitioner only needs to fill out the income part and NO NEED to fill out any other parts below that (balance of savings, other personal property, stocks, real estate) ? Please give me your opinion or maybe tell me about your experience. Thanks in advance.
  9. My fiance sent ours on Nov 1st, then it's delivered to lockbox on Nov 5th. Then fiance got NOA1 by text on Nov 12
  10. Nah, there was a mistake that I did when I filled in my VJ timeline. I think that's why VJ's system automatically predicted that I will get NOA2 on that date based on the data VJ got from the average member's timeline. But hopefully the fact won't be too far from that prediction.
  11. Updated timeline : 11/01/2019 : I-129F Sent 11/05/2019 : I-129F Received by USCIS PO BOX 11/12/2019 : NOA1
  12. Does it mean that it is possible that someone will only get noa2 without getting noa1 ??
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