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  1. My case is ready and it was exactly like you say!! ACCXXXXXXX001 01 then ACCXXXXXXX001 02 then ACCXXXXXXX001 03 and
  2. ok, call three more times and they told me that The fiance and the children have the same case number, and that this is the case for this type of visa. and then they sent me the letter and there is only one case and it says. Principal beneficiary Bi .....and everythinelse . Just let you know .
  3. in the stps says fill the form ds 160 When you fill it in a part , it asks you what kind of visa you are asking for , there are options like tourist, work etc and it will be fiance and obviously click there thats it.
  4. Thanks but i think he does not explain me well When I called the first time they told me that the fiancée and the children would have a different number of cases. But 2 days later when I called they gave me a single number and they told me that it is a single number for all fisncee and children that kind of visa is like that.🤷🏻‍♀️???!!! Thanks for the rest of information. Embassy, could you scan a copy and attach it to a PM here on VJ. Thanks. i lol do that 👍🏻
  5. Notice date 23 jul 2018 letter 27 de Jim 2018 Yes! NVC already gave me case number !!! ok questions.... on Friday we called and said no case number yes.; and that the children have case number each?the lady say yes each gonna is gonna have a case number . today call and they gave me the case number and they said it is a single number for my fiancée and the children that in this tape of visa is a single number. someone know something more about this ?! I already have my case number what can start doing?! thanks!!
  6. I have a question, I received my approval email, the question is that I read somewhere that my fiancee who gets the nvc case number and their children another different each one is it true ?! And do i have to call nvc for this?! thanks !
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