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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of applying for a K1 visa for my fiance who is in Pakistan and I'm really confused on the issue of front-loading engagement pictures or not. I've seen conflicting information on this issue where some say to include engagement pictures with the I-129F and others say not to do so. I visited my fiance in Pakistan a month ago and I met him there several times but I only have pictures of us being together on three separate occasions, out of which one of these occasions was our engagement. It was a fairly simple engagement held at my fiance's home and the only people present were close family members (~15 people total). My questions are 1) will it be enough if I submit pictures of us together from just two occasions (no engagement pics)? I can send about 6-7 pictures. I will of course be submitting other evidence along side the pictures such as passport copy with stamps, boarding passes, restaurant receipt, call logs etc. 2) If I don't submit engagement pictures with the I-129F, will the CO ask for these pictures at the time of interview? And would that be an issue? (As in could the CO ask or get suspicious that why we did not send these engagement pictures with the I-129F). I know that this issue is somewhat specific to the embassy where the interview will take place so I will really appreciate any feedback from people who have had a successful experience with the K1 visa from Pakistan. Thank you!
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