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  1. Hi @ahmu83 I'm responding to your question here since your original question got moved. Here is the link where you can find a list of approved places where you can go to get your medical done https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/ISL-Islamabad.html#approved_physicians. The embassy doesn't tell you where to go for your medical. You can choose any location from the approved list that is most convenient for you depending on the city you are located in. You can also call the clinic you decide to go to and get more information about the medical process. Here is another link that I found useful when my fiance was going through this process: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/ISL-Islamabad.html. As for the questions asked at the interview, I don't know the exact question since my fiance did the interview. From what I remember him telling me the questions asked were fairly basic like who is sponsoring you, how did you meet, what are your fiancee's hobbies, what shows does your fiancee like to watch. I hope this helps a bit! Best of luck!!
  2. Hi @ahmu83 My fiance recently went through the process of the K1 visa at Islamabad embassy. For him, he did not get any confirmation/ letter from the embassy. From what I understand if your status on the CEAC website says "Ready" you can go ahead and submit the DS-160. Once you have submitted your DS-160 and you have paid your visa fee then you can go to ustraveldocs to schedule your interview and then you can also schedule your medical. You will need the confirmation of submitting the DS-160 and also your interview confirmation but you don't need anything specific to be sent from the embassy. We ended up waiting a little over a month to get something from the embassy and when we didn't get anything I sent an inquiry which simply confirmed that our case was at the embassy. My fiance probably could have submitted the DS-160 a few weeks sooner. Best of luck with the rest of the K1 visa process!
  3. NOA 1: 4/5/19 NOA 2: 7/1/19 NVC case number assigned: 7/30/19 Just wanted to share my experience. I called NVC and got my case number! I called the number ending in 0888 and got connected right away. I was asked for my receipt number, name, and date of birth. I was told that now my case will be forwarded to the appropriate embassy and the person on the phone confirmed my email address. I do have a question also. I read that we can check the status of our case on the CEAC website but in order to do so the website asks for an invoice ID, which I didn't get because I didn't know that I needed it. Should I not be checking the status of my case on the CEAC website yet? Just wondering...
  4. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of applying for a K1 visa for my fiance who is in Pakistan and I'm really confused on the issue of front-loading engagement pictures or not. I've seen conflicting information on this issue where some say to include engagement pictures with the I-129F and others say not to do so. I visited my fiance in Pakistan a month ago and I met him there several times but I only have pictures of us being together on three separate occasions, out of which one of these occasions was our engagement. It was a fairly simple engagement held at my fiance's home and the only people present were close family members (~15 people total). My questions are 1) will it be enough if I submit pictures of us together from just two occasions (no engagement pics)? I can send about 6-7 pictures. I will of course be submitting other evidence along side the pictures such as passport copy with stamps, boarding passes, restaurant receipt, call logs etc. 2) If I don't submit engagement pictures with the I-129F, will the CO ask for these pictures at the time of interview? And would that be an issue? (As in could the CO ask or get suspicious that why we did not send these engagement pictures with the I-129F). I know that this issue is somewhat specific to the embassy where the interview will take place so I will really appreciate any feedback from people who have had a successful experience with the K1 visa from Pakistan. Thank you!
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