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  1. "applying" for a lottery does not mean "applying" for visa. If he filled out a visa application, submitted it, paid for it and etc. then you should yes. If not then not.
  2. Thank you. A stupid question- would they give me any information (over the phone) wether or not the petition has been cancelled although I am not the petitioner? And do they send any proof of cancellation? The petitioner is not handling this on a mature level, I am not sure if he will ever respond to me saying that the work is done and or contact me if cancellation paperwork/action whatever it is has been received.
  3. Thank you, sorry I was not clear by 'requested cancellation" I meant I asked my petitioner to do so because I know only he can. He does not contact me or responds thus I do not know if he did it. I could forget about it, but in the near future I may have to apply for a different type of visa, and this question unresolved would not be a good thing for my other application.
  4. Hi everyone, I requested cancellation of 129F (I was the beneficiary) and have been checking the online status, which still remains the same - "we have received your petition... " and etc. My ex fiance does not get in contact to update me if he ever cancelled it and if so then when ( he is that nice). Can/should I call to get the update from USCIS? Do we (particularly the petitioner) get any written notification of the cancellation and/or and e-mail? I need to know the status because I am planning a visit for my friends wedding soon and want to be clear to the immigration officer if he/she has a question. Also, when I apply for a different type of visa in the future I want to know what my chances are, and how to handle this bitter case with immigration authorities/COs. Thank you all for advise. never thought i would write this, life is so unpredictable... Wishing everyone patience in their visa journey.
  5. Do you have a European passport?
  6. Yes, sound like these days processing times have slowed down, and now it is almost 10-12 months... I know there is nothing we can do but wait. My fiance's schedule is messed up and we can't make any plans to meet somewhere.
  7. Thank you. That's fairly short, considering K-1 requires to get married within the first 3 months, so not that someone should be in a rush to leave the country that early. But I understand, when there is an emergency it's out of one's control.
  8. oh interesting! So, in that case the person would still need an advance parole to leave and return or having a green card is enough? I though green card is the last document you receive after everything
  9. Now it makes more sense, for some reason I thought there has to be a solid reason. So, basically I can travel outside of US as long as I have an AP even though the AOS is still being processed.
  10. Thank you. Would a honeymoon trip be a sufficient reason for advanced parole request? Some stories also say that advance parole would also take 4-6 months to process. I am clueless, so any info would be very helpful,.
  11. Hi All. I know that every case is individual and etc. But we are planning an overseas honeymoon once we cross that bridge, and I was wondering how long on average it takes to process all steps- AOS, getting a work permit, green cards and etc. before you are able to leave the country legally and come back legally without a headache? Somewhere I read it takes 10-12 moths for AOS and receiving a green card, which would mean I'd have to stay stateside for at least a year before we take our honeymoon trip? somewhere it said 3-4 months. It is confusing. The thing is, this would affect our plans for the nearest future which is why I am concerned. Thank you!
  12. Hope you hear back soon That's almost as long as CR1 visa... It's crazy.
  13. You been waiting this long for K-1?? Have you guys received RFE or anything that delayed the process?
  14. Thanks so much for guiding Naes! I really appreciate it, I just checked with my fiance - he has seen that case status that's why he contacted them, and their answer was 'you ll get a response from us within 30 days".
  15. Oh Lord, here it says our case was received on march 28th and that they have sent the receipt of how they will process the case. I am kinda confused