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  1. Just Received Interview Letter. CR1 DQ - October 25, 2018 Interview - February 25, 2020
  2. Received Interview Letter... Mumbai - CR1 PD - July 13, 2018 Interview - February 25, 2020
  3. Finally Received Interview Letter... PD - July 13, 2018 DQ - October 25, 2019 Interview - February 25, 2020 See the timeline for details...
  4. Thank you. Yeah, It was a long wait. We also had Nebraska Service Center which took one year to approve I-130. This immigration process really test your patience..
  5. Finally received IL. Mumbai CR1 DQ - October 25 IL received - January 23 Interview Date - February 25
  6. We should receive the next batch today or next week. You should hear something soon. You are DQ October 29, I am also waiting (DQ Oct 25). Just a little longer...
  7. That way we can know which category you are and when you got your documents approved. By filling out the timeline, you are contributing the community. There are statistics available on VJ to guesstimate the time frame for cases based on visa type, country, consulate. Also, people tend to help more if you have this information readily available for them to answer on your timeline.☺️
  8. I don't think they send ILs via mail (post). It is email only. I don't know specific for the IL but sometimes NVC emails are automated, so some may get them after hours or evening/weekend.
  9. I am thinking that you should receive something soon (next week). However, I cannot guarantee for F3 category as I am only following CR1/IR1 visa. Let's hope that you get something soon.
  10. You should recieve IL in 2nd/3rd week of December for January interview. In the WhatsApp group, there are 3-4 people (DQ last couple of days of August) left. We are expecting them to finish the whole September in December. Let's see what happens. They have definitely picked up the speed as they issued about 223 CR1 visa in October. For previous couple of months, they were only doing 60s. Join the group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CxhAC1UnlfI364JrdkxtWz
  11. I had to get my wife's education evaluation for further studies. We used https://www.ece.org/. Lots of colleges were requiring the evaluation to be done by them. It took 2 weeks total, 1 to send all documents and 1 to get back the results.
  12. The ILs are sent usually in the middle of the month. For past couple of months, they were sent in 2 batches (2nd-3rd week) on Thursdays early morning (~4 am EST). However, this month there was only 1 batch on 14th. No ILs were received this last Thursday (21st). People are hoping they receive something today but I think they are done for the month. Interviews happens all weekdays except holidays. They are based on how many slots are available for each category. Hopefully you get ILs in next month for January.
  13. They are scheduling people who got DQ in August for Mumbai. So most likely you will get interview letter in December for January interview.
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