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  1. This is irrelevant for op. Intent is determined upon entry, at the border. As you just mentioned you did not have immigration intent. Op has clearly stated that they have immigration intent, hence this is an entirely different case than yours.
  2. The American embassy in Norway doesn’t do any immigrant visas either, so I had to fly to Sweden to do the interview. The medical was still done in Norway, if that helps at all 🙂
  3. I’m very late to this party, but finally looked up the January 2020 AOS thread to join in! Got my green card interview scheduled ridiculously fast after applying, but that doesn’t help when ms. Rona decided to cancel everything 😕
  4. I included a screenshot of our 100-something snap streak for the interview (not sure if it actually helped at all) but that was our main platform for communicating as well
  5. Adjustment of status here, got our interview date SUPER fast (filed end of January, got NOA2 in March) but that’s been cancelled now (interview was supposed to be May 5th). Assuming USCIS will reopen June 4th as they announced I’ll probably have to wait a few extra months for them to go through all the interviews that were supposed to be before mine. Fingers crossed I’ll get EAD before that because I’m losing my mind over not being able to work 🥺 congratulations on almost being done with your immigration process by the way!! Must feel amazing. I’m also pretty relieved to be here with my husband. He was furloughed from work early March and since I’m not working, this has just been the best honeymoon we could ask for, after doing long distance for a year.
  6. Thanks y’all! Figured there’s not much thats known yet, but thought I should see if anyone had any more clue than I do.
  7. Okay, joining in here on page 81. I feel like I’m reading so much contradicting information on this topic (probably because no one is really sure about what’s going to happen). Does anyone have any idea how this could affect those who are here and adjusting status? My apologies if it’s already been addressed earlier in this thread but I can’t read through all 80 pages 🙄
  8. Oh I definitely agree. When I had my interview at the American embassy in Sweden they asked me not once, but three times if I was aware that my (then) fiancée had a DUI. It was brought up twice during me handing over my documents and once during the actual interview.
  9. Even with a yes on the first one it’s fairly straightforward (at least from my experience) as long as you provide the right documents they ask for 🙂 we got an RFE for missing papers on this part but once they were submitted I had an interview about a month later
  10. Uhm... I filed for adjustment of status and they received it 22nd of January, so I wasn’t expecting to get an interview for another 5-6 months but I just found an interview letter in the mailbox asking me to appear May 5th. I figured all their offices were closed?
  11. FYI, Norway is on shutdown, and you and your wife would be quarantined right away. Just a heads up in case you didn’t know yet https://theweek.com/speedreads/901770/entire-country-norway-shutting-down
  12. They messed up my fiancé’s middle name, but I never did anything about it. They just left out an R but we were fine. But if you can rebook I would get them! Just in case there’s any delays or anything’s wrong 😊
  13. I think it took less than two weeks, yes. Quite possibly the hardest waiting of the entire process. Resist the urge to buy plane tickets until you have the visa in hand because there’s so much that could go wrong. (Wrong name or other info on the visa). I had a social security card from before, so I only went in to change my name after we got married 😕 I wouldn’t know about that. But here in Texas you need a green card (or I’m going to try going in with the NOA1 from AOS and see if I meet the right person)
  14. I had mine at 8 am, I was out by 9:30. The actual interview was less than five minutes but the rest was sitting around and waiting. This was pretty recently too!
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