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  1. We have been on AP since January and I have been so overwhelmed with these people. I am beyond tired of all of this waiting and waiting. I just need answers so we can go on to the next step. I feel like I want to scream.
  2. When my fiancée arrives on the K1 visa and after marriage, can he go on a cruise to the mexico with me (Petitioner)? Will he be allowed back to the US? If yes, what documents aside from his Nigerian passport will he need? If not, when can he go, after which documents are submitted. Thanks!
  3. WHEWWWW! Thank You so much! I was truly worried about it. Great!
  4. Hello everyone! So we finally booked our interview and schedule medical appointment. I'm about to send the documents to him but I'm going over them again and I noticed my I-134 says it expired in November. Does this mean I cant use it? I'm getting worried all over again.
  5. Super Excited"Everything worked out at the NVC finally! This morning I received an email stating our case will be sent to the Turkish Embassy and there will be no documents sent to my (the petitioner) address.We just scheduled our interview and medical appointment. How do we know if we need a sponsor or not? I am super worried about that part but I haven't seen anything about it yet. Also, the I-134 form says it expired in November, is there another form or am I missing something? Can we still use that form?
  6. Thank You So much! Absolutely, I love encouraging people and congratulating them as well! This process is not easy at all! Wow thats great you have your case number! On to the next step for you I'm sure. Wow this is so great!
  7. We Got Approved So excited we got approved on Wednesday and I'm just now getting my head out of the clouds. This has been such a long journey so far! I'm excited for the next steps! So grateful for this thread and all the information it holds.
  8. Thank You! So your saying it wont matter if we change it? Does it have to be the same address! I don't want to tamper with the application if its unnecessary! I just want this to go as smooth as possible!
  9. My fiance has a different address on his permit ( In Turkey) than his physical address (which is what we wrote on the visa application). Do we need to change the address on the application to match his permit address even though he doesn't physically live there anymore! If so is it the same "change of address" form as the petitioner?
  10. OOOOOKKKKK one more question and then I will stop bugging you! I PROMISE! 😂 My fiance is originally from Nigeria but he has been living in Turkey for the last five years! Do you think he will have to get his patient summery from a doctor in Nigeria or will they be able to transfer it to a doctor in Turkey? (He has only been to the hospital for a mild cold or flu nothing serious since hes been living in turkey) I just want to know if he will have to make a trip to Nigeria or not! Hes already saying he may have to for the police report he has to take to the interview as well but we just don't know! Still waiting on an approval so I'm trying to research this stuff early!
  11. OK Thanks! So he would have to just schedule an appointment for a regular doctors check up and they will do like a physical and that's what will be on the patient summer?
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