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  1. Yes, but it also says that you need to present documentation to justify requesting a stamp in your passport. I got my physical green card in the mail on Jan 4, so just a little over two weeks later, and that included two federal holidays.
  2. Thank you! I don't remember if it was already there or if he printed and stamped it while we were talking, but he didn't step out. It happened so fast that I can't say for sure. We weren't interviewed by the person whose name is on the stamp.
  3. I got approved on the spot and the officer handed me the following letter:
  4. We got our first marriage license from LA county, when we got it we didn't know the wait time for the marriage certificate would be 10 weeks (this was in 2017). I completely stressed out after learning that, cause that would mean we'd get it after the end date of my I-94. I didn't know back then that that's not that bad. But that's why we decided to get our second marriage license in Orange County, they said the marriage certificate would take two weeks after turning in the license, but we could always call to see if it was registered earlier. We did, and got it about a week after we turned it in (we picked it up ourselves).
  5. Congratulations! I had about the same experience yesterday and got approved on the spot.
  6. I think it depends on your municipality, I could de-register online (my municipality is Groningen). I could only do it maximum 5 days before leaving. Where is she registered?
  7. I applied for my DL with my EAD and got a full 5 year license, which is the maximum for a CA DL.
  8. My interview was planned for today as well. They called me yesterday to inform me that my new interview date is December 20, so not too bad.
  9. Have you looked into a Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard from GWK Travelex? I don't know how it is now, but I bought one of those at a GWK office years ago.
  10. I travelled on AP three times this year. They always send you to secondary inspection. Waiting times vary, I flew into O'Hare once, waiting time was about 45 minutes for me. The other two times I flew into LAX, about a 45 and 10 min waiting time. They never asked me questions, just stamped my passport, but I always travelled with my marriage certificate, my EAD/AP issuance letter and my I-485 NOA, just in case. Two of my trips were solo. The other I travelled with my husband, he was not allowed to come with me. You're not allowed to use electronic devices in the secondary inspection waiting area, so no communication. Just keep in mind, that if you have a connecting flight coming back to the US, to leave enough time between flights for the possibility to be stuck in immigration for hours. Enjoy your trip!
  11. We have a pretty similar timeline . I got the letter today, my interview is Dec 5.
  12. Got my text and email notification that the interview has been scheduled last Monday 😄
  13. I only have an EAD (still waiting for the greencard interview), but my CA driver license is valid for 5 years.
  14. LA filer too (not county), Nov 2017. Case ready to be scheduled for an interview since Jan 2. I travelled twice on my AP, I booked my tickets 2 weeks in advance for each trip, both two week trips, to reduce the chances of getting scheduled for an interview while I was abroad. We want to go on another trip later this year, so I'm looking at airlines with a reasonable ticket change fee.
  15. I applied for a REAL ID with my driver's license back in April, after passing the test it arrived approximately a week later by mail. It's valid for five years.