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  1. avukaj, how did it work out for you during your second interview?
  2. What is the process of a refugee leaving their safe country to American for a K-1 Visa? Do they have to pay back their safe country for services? I heard that they do in Germany?
  3. nikkido

    Please help

    I think it's okay. Just make sure he has his Gambian passport. Also, he will need secondary proofs of Identity since he doesn't have full permission in Italy. ...Birth Certificate, school records..etc I am in a similar situation
  4. Yeah, the consulate just asked for my fiance's passport and some ID's March 15,2018. We sent them in on the 19th. They updated on March 20th. Crickets. No updates, nothing. Why did they request his passport if they aren't issuing his Visa already? We've been in AP since October 12, 2017.
  5. Hopefully they will issue your visa this time. Has your status changed?
  6. Still in AP, however  the Frankfurt consulate emailed my fiance last week: 


    In reference to your K-1 visa application, please submit the following:
     - Iraqi passport
    - Your original Iraqi nationality certificate (issued in 2004)
    - Your original Iraqi Identification card (issued in 2011)
    - A detailed written explanation of the process you went through in order to obtain your current Iraqi passport."

      What does this mean?



    Thanks in advance

  7. nikkido

    Under Consular Review

    I think they do that too. So sad. Good luck to you!
  8. This has been quite a journey; Pursuing a K-1 Visa when your fiance is an asylum seeker that lacked a passport, and birth certificate. With the German ID (with incorrect information), and Iraqi ID, my Iraqi -born fiance was told by the Frankfurt consulate to send anything. He was given a 221(g) at the interview because he lacked a passport. Consular officer told him to get a Travel Document from Germany (This is only issued if you have permission), Finally after a 1-year the Iraqi Embassy send his passport. By that time, our petition expired so we had to interview AGAIN! Now we are in AP- Why because they cannot establish his identity, even with a passport and Iraqi ID--- They didn't even specify for what was needed to correct this. My fiance never sent his birth certificate. We emailed the consulate, they said they'd review his case when he can establish 100% who he is. "Thank you for your email. Please send in the requested documents (birth certificate and other supporting documents as proof of your identity) to the address mentioned below. Once we have received your documents we will review your case and proceed with your application. Kind regards, U.S. Consulate General" We sent the Birth Certificate and Iraqi ID again on 02-26-18. With attorney guidance, we were instructed to send a letter explaining the dual identities (again). Our case updated 02-27-18, and 02-28-18. Now it's updated 03-11-18, 03-12-18. My question: How long does it take for a consular officer to review a case? According to US immigration Laws, acceptable forms of Identity from Iraq are Birth Certificate and Iraqi Identification Card. Will they continue our case, and then run security checks? Thank!