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  1. My hubby got his SS card one week after arriving. Thank God! Today he got his drivers License. He’s well on his way to adjusting to his new life in America.
  2. Hi guys and dolls! Has anyone had experience with USCIS applying for the SS card for it to arrive automatically? When filling out IV form we indicated that we wanted them to apply for SSN. Not w we don’t know if that was done. Thank you.
  3. I just dropped her by to give a word of encouragement to those going through the IR1/CR1 process. I know it’s difficult and sometimes discouraging, but hang in there. It all comes to an end eventually. I first mailed off the I-130 on February 22, 2018 and on April 23, 2019 brought my husband home. We have started our life together! i wish you all have your loved one home soon. Thank you to everyone who encouraged and supported us in this process.
  4. We had the same situation. You will need to send a withdrawal to your local consulate.
  5. There’s no where which it’s stated to do so. It certainly wasn’t on ours. Good luck
  6. You don’t need to say how much money you have in the ban or assets unless your income doesn’t meet the poverty guidelines and you are using those to show you have money. Good luck
  7. Hubby should receive interview date any day now. You may contact me when you receive case number and are ready to submit documents. I’ll be glad to help. We would have had a date already if I hadn’t made a very small mistake when submitting documents. I corrected it right away but they didn’t look at it fir two weeks.
  8. Check the date of that posting. Are you taking the “wiki page” as gospel? Things have changed. Just wait for instructions from NVC. Good luck.
  9. Most likely you will be submitting via CEAC. Nothing needs to be notarized. Just have him take pictures of everything with his phone and then upload to the site.
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