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  1. Thanks. My case is the same as you but my category is CR6. I came here on F1 visa.
  2. Im hoping this week we see some movement for dec filers.
  3. My PD is Dec 1st. I really need my check cashed next week and have case number otherwise I might not close on my first home. Everything is approved for closing except the case number that mortgage company needs.
  4. USCIS posted the article on Jan 8th on their website acknowledging the delays in receipt notice https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-lockbox-updates
  5. Congrats!! This week they moved fast. Folks from 16-23 date has gotten their check cashed.
  6. I would say Feb 15-20 is when you will see the movement in your case like check cashed, NOA receipt. Folks who have filed their application in nov 16-18 are getting their check cashed this week.
  7. Lucky you!! Most of us had AOS interview so I think majority of us will not be routed to the I-751 interview, unless additional clarification is needed.
  8. Folks who have received I-751 notices, what does the prefix say? See below from USCIS and for more details refer to the link For example, the speakers confirmed that I-751 receipt numbers with the prefix MSC are routed for interview scheduling; receipt numbers that do not contain the MSC prefix (e.g., EAC, VSC, LIN, etc.) are routed to the appropriate service center for an interview waiver determination. The speakers also clarified that, if the jointly filed I-751 petition is pending at the time of the N-400 interview, an applicant should bring his or her petitioning spouse to the naturalization interview. https://www.dhs.gov/publication/uscis-processing-concurrently-pending-forms-n-400-and-forms-i-751
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