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  1. It's ok, I wasnt trying to be flippant and your frustration is justified. I can't imagine having to wait that long in AP. I hope the long wait comes to an end soon. Good luck.
  2. You could wait a lifetime and there would still be zero grounds for a lawsuit.
  3. I reccomend you do some serious research into this process. How you failed to include such key documents is beyond me especially with the wealth of information available to you. Provide what has been asked of you and nothing more, RFE's can add a few months to the already lengthy and expensive process. Learn from this and be better prepared for the next steps Good luck.
  4. It will not be an issue, proceed with what you have. Good luck.
  5. It is definitely advisable. The strength of the medical letter might possibly be enough but if you are able to arrange a psych evaluation beforehand, go for it as it strengthens your case and will lessen the chance of a delay.
  6. Yes, that's correct. Goodluck!
  7. No, the readiness form is now redundant, you need to complete the Ds160 and print out the confirmation page as you will need this for the interview. Once you have done this you can go ahead and book your interview appointment . It is advisable but not necessary to leave at least 2 weeks between medical and interview if you want your results to arrive there in time. Photocopies are not required for London
  8. Yes! That's it, that's all you need. They just want to confirm the number is correct. You will probably get an email too, if you do just print it and take it with you, if not that case status is more than adequate.
  9. Yes you can, if you can print out the NVC case status showing your case number you can take that with you to the medical in place of an email or packet 3. If you really would prefer having an email from NVC as proof, email them asking what your case number is and print out the response but that really isn't necessary. You are good to go deary (assuming you have completed your medical questionnaire, have the other required documents listed and are up to date with your vaccinations)
  10. That is because the medical letter is needed in ADDITION to the patient summary. They are two separate documents that are required.
  11. So you have a medical report for the Dyspraxia? If so this should suffice unless something has drastically changed since that last report. A medical letter regarding your depression however is definitely needed. If you are being prescribed medication then you will have a "report" as such in the form of your medical record and this is what the medical letter will be based on. They are not expecting an in depth evaluation. This is essentially what they want to know What is the diagnosis? What treatment are your receiving (name of the medication and dosage/counseling)? What is the duration of treatment and illness? Has there been any prior or subsequent mental health or illness?  Have there been any incidents of self harm, harm to others or suicide attempts?  What is the prognosis and the GPs opinion of the patient's mental state? (Basically they want assurance that you are not risk to yourself or others). These are questions any competent GP can answer whether they know you or not as the information is all there in your record, and if they ( the GP) need more information write a letter about how you feel and provide them with some background information and take it in with you to your appointment. It gives them an emotional insight your medical record most likely will lack. If your GP is unwilling to help you make an appointment with another. There are usually several to choose from in one practice. Please do not worry, I hated the thought of having to prove to strangers that I was not dangerous just because I had been sad in the past. It worked out fine and I am headed off to be with my beloved in May. The people conducting the visa medicals are professional and kind. Good luck.
  12. Yes! They will make a copy and hand it back to you. Goodluck
  13. I am flying out on the 30th of May and booked a one way ticket with TC for £349! (I had to make sure there wasn't a catch like my seat was going to be strapped to the wing of the plane or the pilot's knee.) If you prefer you could still do the round trip with a bigger/better airline and just cancel the return leg a few days upon arrival. If you actually want to fly back for a short visit once you have your Greencard, you could chance it and potentially have a flight already waiting for you. It is probably wishful thinking but there is a slim chance it might play out that way! If it doesn't, once again just cancel. P.s flight schedule change is highly likely for flights booked so far in advance. This opens up the possibility of a refund if you choose to not accept the "unfortunately unsuitable" change proposed. I discovered that by accident with VA (of course review all TOCs before purchasing anything from anyone). Congratulations and good luck.
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