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  2. So for the interview, do i have to appear with my hubby or can i just go there myself? thanks for the input guys..😁
  3. Good news guys, my interview was scheduled today. Now just waiting to receive my letter with a scheduled interview date. (I have an adjudicated I-751 case pending since Feb 2017).
  4. Congrats @Filya, do you have a pending I-751 as well? I'm wondering because i am a FEB 2018 filer as well.
  5. I contacted both MN senators and got the exact same response.
  6. ok thanks. this extension letter wouldn't do much for me then. even if i get it it would be valid till September. i guess i would just use my i551 to travel which is valid till next year feb .
  7. I have a question. So how long did it extend it for? I know it says 18 months but is it from the GC expiration date or from the I551 stamp date? Because i am also experiencing a similar situation. upon getting my i551 stamp they took my expired GC and i also need to travel internationally in the next month or so..
  8. Hey guys check out your approx PROCESSING TIMES for your local field offices here. ( as of DEC 2017) and can i get a AMEN for literally contemplating of moving to Montana for quick processing. They had 167 applicants pending versus freaking 15000 plus applicatins pending here in Minnesota .. hahahhhahaha https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Resources/Reports and Studies/Immigration Forms Data/Naturalization Data/N400_performancedata_fy2018_qtr1.pdf
  9. yeah i guess it would not make any difference if i get one or not, but i was hoping it would make my travel abroad little bit easier since some airlines and newbie immigration officers seem to get confused with only I 551 stamp on your passport. (my home country immigration officer was really skeptical and confused when i showed my extension letter ) so imagine showing some stamp to an uninformed officer. lol since i don't have my GC i wanna be" as EXTRA ASSURED as possible" ...
  10. yeah i think so too. my case is still pending AS OF JUNE 11, 2018 so i guess i am getting one.
  11. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/update-form-i-797-receipt-notices-form-i-751-and-form-i-829 hrmmm Interesting... does this mean those who have a pending I751 case will receive a second extension letter? My first one is already expired and got the i551 stamp valid for 12 monhts.