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  1. Had my interview today in Cincinnati, approved on the spot! He asked me more questions than I expected, but they were all very simple and conversational. Maybe around 30-35 minutes overall. Only asked if I had any more joint documents to give him and saved only one picture. Just flipped through my photo albums, did not look at everything. So, so so happy hoping to get my card soon! Never received my ead btw, so my greencard will be here before I got any sort of ead approval
  2. No, I do not think it matters! Its good to have some spanning your relationship.; Yeah, its recommended we bring the documentation with us, but honestly a slim chance of being asked for it. I used to live in LA and passed through twice through our aos app pending, and I was never asked to show anything even once.
  3. I believe you do need a separate set of birth certs (or photocopies) for each package. That was what I did, and I did not get an RFE. Maybe it was not necessary, but I think it might be because they are their own package (although you file all together). I can't remember the exact amount for passport photos, but I believe it was 6 overall for beneficiary, 2 for the petitioner (usc). I think your proof of marriage for now will suffice, it is similar to what I sent. And you could also improve on it for the interview. I would try to pressure your job to add him though, I believe technically he can be allowed but sometimes the person you add is not aware. It sometimes takes a bit of calling/asking around for a lot of us on here to finally add them to our insurance. You could try opening an account/savings together at one of the easier banks as well like wells fargo. I am added to wells fargo and chase , but for chase it required me to go to a couple branches in order to sort if out. For domestic travel, you should be fine. Be mindful that at some southern areas (and some parts of california), there are internal checkpoints/border patrol will hang around and can sometimes ask for proof of status. I traveled with my husband to Austin while we were processing and I brought all my NOA's and marriage cert. I was never asked for them, but in case you need to prove identity, does not hurt to have.
  4. I am doing the exact same thing right now, except on a b2 visa and so far so smooth, going for my interview tuesday. I do not expect I'll be denied and there are a lot of people on here who have done the same thing and have been fine! Overstay is forgiven for spouse of usc
  5. Sounds like it will be fine. My interview is Tuesday and we do not have a lease at the moment either, I think our health insurance, life insurance, cell phone, car insurance and trips taken together etc are strong enough. Yours seems the same (even better). I would not worry
  6. My interview is finally Tuesday, been having trouble sleeping because I am so nervous lol. We made an error on our I-130 (about if you've submitted a petition before, clicked no instead of yes) so its making me worry a lot. But glad to be getting it over with. No EAD though, would be funny if we got one a couple days before the interview...have heard that happen.
  7. Thanks so much for your response. I can not help but to obsessively worry about little things like these as my interview approaches, going to be great to have it all behind me
  8. I'm sorry that I've been asking so many questions, I obviously have some anxiety issues about this interview. We're aosing from b2 visa. We met two times in person. The first time, we had no met yet so when asked what my reason for visiting, I said vacation (6 days in LA) and he asked who are you staying with and I said friends. He asked if I had any gifts and I said just chocolates. That's it. Second time, I said vacation and asked who I am staying with I did say boyfriend because he was officially my boyfriend where then he asked how long, where I was truthful and how much money I brought. Was let in after that. In the k1 visa (we submitted this before we decided to aos and then subsequently withdrew it when we got married) we included a "circumstances of meeting" where I said we admitted we had romantic feelings for each other and were "together ever since" from even before we met. I did not tell the POE boyfriend because well, we had no met yet and I am of the belief its weird to at least me, to refer to someone as your girlfriend or boyfriend that you had not met. Literally as soon as I met my boyfriend for the first time, in the airport still, he asked me to be his girlfriend then and there. Before that, we agreed we would not refer to each other as that yet. Could this be an issue? I apologize again for so many issues. My interview is on the 24th and I can barely sleep I am so nervous always.
  9. My interview is next week and I completed my medical. I am looking over the immunizations and I received tdap back in Canada in 2010 in April. The civil surgeon marked it as complete. I know the requirement is every 10 yrs plus a booster. Will this be cutting it too close or do they really look at it to the day?
  10. Thank you! I printed a correct I-130, a documentation explaining the amendment and the original withdrawal paper. Hoping it all goes super smooth, super nervous
  11. I was looking over the docs I submitted with my AOS application and I realize that when we sent them in, we made an error on the section of Part 5 which states "Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien?". We selected no at the time because we were not aware (stupidly) that the k1 i129f counted as petition. I have now corrected the document, written an amendment which states that we made the error and what we would like to correct it to, including the WAC number. We did not get far in the k1 process and just received the noa1, after which we sent a withdrawal and stated we were already married so we would like to withdraw it. I included this in my amendment and plan to print out the original withdrawal letter as well. Will this suffice? We just made a pure error and I am really worried that it might have more consequences. I plan on handing this to the IO before our oath
  12. It has to be signed and given to USCIS within 60 days. You then need to bring it to the interview since its already scheduled (do not send it in)
  13. I don't believe it is a stokes interview, but someone more knowledgeable will probably speak up. Hoping for good news for you! does not seem like it was that bad, especially since you said he lightened up
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