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  1. There are a lot of you tube channels with how to about credit. The best are Credit Shifu and Graham Stephan. Also I strongly recommend you myfico forum! You can talk to people and find people with similar profile to yours and get advice from experienced gurus! This is what I am doing. I started building 1 year ago and now my scores are 750+. But remember, you have to plan every move in credit, you never want to be denied for a card because it affects your history for 2 years after that. So each application should be planned upfront. I currently have a schedule for next 3 years including every CC application, car loan and house loan. Also credit cards are a nice thing cause you get point and redeem for travel and get a lot of value from it! I love it!
  2. What's up Ukrainian! Congrats on your approval and are you in Houston ? I am moving there due to work in like 3 weeks if you want to connect and be friends
  3. how are you doing Dmytri.


    I am going to Poland (WARSAW and Krakow) in August. There is one store chain in Poland that we don't have here in the U.S,looks like Zara store, and the winter clothes are amazing. I go there in the summer and they will not have the winter clothes anymore.They do not deliver in the U.S. I just need someone who lives  in Krakow or Warsaw that I could use the address for the store to deliver there some  clothes that I want to buy, and I would  get the clothes when I got there in August. They will change their wins collection  soon in their website then I need to find someone who lives in Poland willing to give me her/his  address and keep the clothes there till august(may be 6/10 clothing pieces).If you could talk to one of your friend I really appreciated it.





  4. Good morning Community! How are you all doing? I have a quick question to you all! I am planning on moving to Houston, TX in 3 weeks due to a job offer. Currently I live in California and local authorities issued me a DL (Real ID) for 5 years based on my current status (pending I485, I360 and EAD which I extend year by year). So, I assume that TX is more strict and just checking if any of you live in TX and for how long you get a DL (Real ID) in TX being in our status? Only 1 year based on the expiration date of your EAD ? Cause this is what I had living in Florida...only exactly till the exp date of EAD. Anyways, would I be able to keep my California ID and still get a local DL or just ID in TX even for 1 year and then keep prolonging it. Will need it for proof of address purposes with banks and USCIS. How to do so ? Because I want to have this 5 years CA Real ID, it is great! Any ideas and thoughts are welcome! Thank you
  5. So if my case was transferred to new USCIS local office because I moved then it has a new date, correct?
  6. Hey guys, I can't find this information anywhere. So, my I-485 application was filed in October 2018... I read somewhere that interview for family based I-485 will happen during the next 2 years from the date you filed and if it does not happen then USCIS just mails you a GC. So, is 2 years is a maximum waiting time to schedule an interview? I am asking because I applied for VAWA in April 2019 and I am expecting decision on VAWA around November 2020 as per current timelines, which is 2 years and 1 months after I applied for I-485. So the question is will I-485 Interview be scheduled during 2 years after application date or that's not for sure? P.S: I didn't request USCIS to hold I-485 till I-360 is processed, planning on doing so at the interview.
  7. Will just leave this here for those who never read it. This file was really helpful for me at some point, so if you have questions about document gathering for I360 this is the place you go: https://www.ilrc.org/sites/default/files/documents/document_gathering_for_self-petitioning_under_the_violence_against_women_act.pdf It was initially posted by @Irynalucky so all kudos are for her
  8. That's correct, only by mail. I did so twice already after applying for VAWA. You can also inquire your congressman office and request them to double check if address was updated. I did so and got a confirmation from them that address is updated. USCIS will likely not reply to your address update form and the status online that they received some communication from you might change in like 3 months after you send it. Also, your physical address and your address for mail from USCIS are 2 different addresses, my mailing address is my lawyers office but I still updated my physical address separately as described above.
  9. Send me your email in direct and I will email you affidavit sample which I got from my lawyer and used for my affidavit.
  10. Hi ! Hope you are doing well! It is just biometrics which they usually schedule 1 month after you apply I485. Your case will be transferred to local CIS later, it is not transferred yet. I went to fingerprints 1 month after I applied for in AOS (OCT2018), but interview is still not scheduled and case is not transferred yet.
  11. congrats!!! was it GC interview after your wava was approved?
  12. I just applied a regular C09 extension together with AP extension based on pending I485. What exactly do you want to know?
  13. No interview for EAD and/or AP, only biometrics. If you were fingerprinted at USCIS location before you will not be again.
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