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  1. I'm aware of the stokes interview, but I wasn't for sure if it was something new policy that was implemented recently.
  2. Has anyone seen or experienced a possible new interview policy pertaining to the AOS interview. I read about an experience from someone on a facebook AOS group that he and his wife were separated for the AOS interview for a little bit and asked a series of questions. They got approved. They were told it's a new policy. Any truth to this?
  3. Thanks, we just wasn't for sure if their was a certain time table to apply.
  4. Hi, My wife and I have just gotten the I-797 for my wife's AOS. Since we just started the AOS process when is a good time file a I-130 for my wife's daughter; my stepdaughter. She's under the age of 18.
  5. Oh, we were under the impression we needed as much evidence as we needed right now. We'll get it done this week then and send it in. Should we send in any of our evidence besides our marriage certificate?
  6. Hi, My wife came here two months ago. In that time we've gotten married, she just got her social security card, we got an apartment under both of our names, she's on my health/ dental insurance plan from work and later today I'm putting her on my bank accounts. I'm trying to get as much evidence in place for our AOS. The K1's 90 days is up in a month. Do we have to file for AOS by then or can we file in later this summer?
  7. My fiance is going to bring her birth control with her from Thailand. In Thailand women don't need a prescription to buy birth control. She wants to bring a years supply with her since it's so cheap in Thailand. Should she bring a couple of months supply with her? I don't think she needs to bring a years supply with her at all. Will she get into trouble if she brings her unopened birth control supply in America with her.
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