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  1. I have received a mail letter for the biometric, but did not get any email from uscis. Is that normal? I have never received any email from them. When i receive my appointment date for the aos interview, do we also only get it in mail and not email?
  2. I applied EAD, AP and AOS early April this year, went for biometric around a month ago, but received another letter asking me to do another one next week. Is this normal? And how soon do we usually get AOS interview date after the application? I was looking at the AOS timelines, while some went for interview in less than 6 months, some took way longer than that. I had always thought it'll take a year or more. While I haven't received my AP yet, I'm hoping to get soon and plan to go back to my home country for a month or two in October or November. I just worry that the interview will happen then. I've read that rescheduling is only applicable if you are sick or for emergency.
  3. Almost a month ago I picked up my passport along with the brown packet that I'm supposed to carry with me when I fly to the US. There's a small cut on one side of the packet, but I don't see any x-ray, just a bunch of papers. From my understanding there should be an x-ray right? Or is this packet enough?
  4. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-5-collect-supporting-documents.html It states on the site "12 months or more". And this is the email I received from the embassy: 7. Police Certificate Each applicant aged 16 or older must have police clearance from any country where the applicant resided for one year or more I also originally thought it's 6 months or more and was frantically trying to find out how to get police cert from China and Taiwan, until my brother pointed it out that its 12 months or more. I have done the interview and was never asked for them. But I'm not sure if it varies embassy to embassy.
  5. If your fiance lives in those countries for less than a year, she doesn't need a police report.
  6. From my understanding, you only need one if you ever lived in a country for 12 months or more after 16 years old. I've lived in China and Taiwan before for 10-11 months each and I didn't need to provide police certificates from these countries.
  7. lol thats funny 😂 Right before my CO congratulated me, he asked me why I stayed in Korea, cause I had a Korean Police Cert. I told him I studied Korean, he was giving this confused look, and was like "whhhyy?" and then suddenly he spoke Korean to me (He's a Korean American apparently) , I guess that's when I was shocked and went blank lol.. I just checked the CEAC website and its on administrative process. I'm gonna give it a week or so, if nothing happened I'm gonna give them a call. Thanks!
  8. Yeah I guess I did lol 😅. Thanks for the tips. I checked and it says its undergoing administrative processing. I'm guessing it's a good thing?
  9. I just had my interview yesterday and it went smooth. The interviewer congratulated me and by that point my mind went blank because I was too excited. I think he told me my passport and x-ray will be sent to me in a week, and that they will email me about the process or something. He then stood up and went to the back, I assumed it was done and I left. So now I have a few questions. - I chose to pick up my passport at a specified location instead of getting it delivered. But how do I know when to pick it up? - Also, am I supposed to get a paper slip? I didn't get any. - The stack of evidences that was sent along with the application is now in my hand. It was given back to me right before the interview by a lady who was collecting my documents. She told me to show to the interviewer if asked. I did give it to the interviewer but somehow it's back with me again. So this is for me to keep now? - The lady also gave me my medical-check up result, but it was't sealed, its in a file. Is this the so-called sealed envelope that I shouldn't open and bring with me to the US? Or will I be given a different one? I might be overthinking this, but I can't help but think that the interviewer was only going to the back to get me something and that I shouldn't have left too soon.
  10. I'm not sure if you're going to need one from Indonesia since you'll be doing the interview in Singapore. But this what they sent me: 7. Police Certificate Each applicant aged 16 or older must have police clearance from any country where the applicant resided for one year or more Please note Indonesian Police Certificate is not required
  11. I too am an Indonesian, studied in Singapore and US before and they only require one from Singapore.
  12. If it's 6 months, I will have to get police certificates from China and Taiwan too. But both embassies here said they don't issue such document and that I have to go to the police station in the cities I lived in myself. Which means I will have to apply visas for both countries, fly to Shanghai and Taipei, get the certificates and get them notarized. As if not complicated enough, i found out that my China visa that I used at that time was a multiple tourist visa. I already have the visa from previous trip. When I applied to be a language student through an agency, they told me that I can just use it and that I don't have to apply for a student visa again. Problem is China would not issue a police certificate to tourist visa holder. While worrying about all this, I realized that on the email the embassy sent me it says a year and over, not 6 months. So I emailed the US embassy, and their reply is pretty much a copy and paste of the first email in bold. My stay in both countries were around 11 months each. I'm just so relieved I don't have to worry about these two countries anymore. Hopefully I will get good news from the Korean embassy.
  13. They didn't even ask to see my stamps. They only took a copy of my passport and visa. Finger crossed.
  14. I actually already went to the Korean embassy here in Jakarta, but the problem is I don't have a copy of my arc. It was taken by the immigration when I left Korea and I never took a copy of it. They told me they will try but could not confirm that I will get it. So I'm still waiting to hear from them.
  15. Thank you for the info. I originally thought of doing it asap, but I'll just wait until I'm ready for the interview.
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