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  1. My husband does not speak English that well, we got our interview notice and it says if you need an interpreter to bring one with you, does anyone know if USCIS wants a certified interpreter or just anyone fluent in his language and English is fine? Has anyone taken an interpreter with them to the interview that was not a certified interpreter like a family member or friend? We just don't want to pay $300-$500 to someone if we don't need to.
  2. Same here, we got married in November so I have my 2018 taxes filed jointly, and we have our apartment lease agreement, his on my insurance, and we have a utility bill or two under both of our names, thats about it. Considering we have been married for less than a year its normal not to have a ton of things, we have photos with family members and relatives here during holidays and events and I think that is more important than having both of the names on a piece of paper, and if your marriage is legit there is nothing to worry about, they are trying to filter out the fraudsters, those who are legitimately married almost never get denied unless there is sponsor income issue or criminal background or you lied on your application about something.
  3. If you have the offer letter with your monthly income or hourly rate and date of start for your new job include that as evidence, I would wait one week, start the job and put my current income as $3500 and include the offer letter or letter from the employer verifying that amount, so technically if you submit the information after the start date of your new job that IS your current income, also include bank statements, and any assets you have. Or just wait until you get a paycheck and then send it in, if you are starting your job in a week you should get paid by end of July at least once, so you have plenty of time, its better to give it a few weeks then send it than get another RFE or denial based on income. Don't risk it, be safe, and always send supporting evidence with anything you provide USCIS.
  4. Its August 6th, I am creating my check list right now and getting the documents ready again, I told my husband his only job is to go to the medical.
  5. Well the I-485 starts in Chicago at the national service center I believe, then moves to your jurisdiction, I think when they say interview scheduled its already at your local field office and you are just waiting for the post office to deliver. Give in a couple of days, like I said mine was scheduled for interview on 6/26 and I got the letter yesterday, so if yours is 6/27 you may get it today or by end of week, just keep in mind Thursday is a holiday. Have you checked your mail today?
  6. My app that uses the old system updated first on 6/26 saying interview scheduled, then the following day the new website said interview scheduled, I got the notice in the mail yesterday. So you should get yours any day now, the app never updated that notice was mailed, it just showed up.
  7. I checked my USCIS app yesterday and it shows interview scheduled as of yesterday, does anyone know how long it takes to get the notice in mail with the date and instructions? It was ready for interview as of April 3rd and just changed yesterday, which I was not expecting to change for several months, Los Angeles wait times are over a year, so I was pleasantly surprised. New website is still not showing the update.
  8. I received an update online that my husbands case is ready for interview, and a notice will be mailed out once it is scheduled... on April 3rd. When I check USCIS website for Los Angeles processing time it says 12 to 20 months processing time, and that they are working on August 17, 2017. Does anyone know if we will be waiting that long for interview? How long did it take for you to receive your interview date it the mail once it updated it was ready for interview.
  9. I got married in Los Angeles, did take about 4 weeks for it to be ready for print at the office, and an additional week for it to arrive in the mail. My friend got married in Sacramento and got a certified recorded copy same day!!! I didn't know other surrounding areas were faster, or I would have done it at another county, if you can wait 4-5 weeks then do it local, if not go somewhere else its worth the drive.
  10. My NO1 date is January 3rd, we received the bio-metrics appointment letter January 11th, it was scheduled for January 23rd. I think my husband got lucky and had the bio appointment scheduled really fast (1 week!). However if you are worried give USCIS a call, neither the old site nor the new site for case status check updated when appointment was scheduled, only updated on 1/25 when his fingerprints were processed.
  11. Fiance picked up his passport today, flying to Los Angeles on Wednesday. I can't believe we are done with this journey. AOS process is going to be a lot easier since we will be together, but I am sure I am going to drive him crazy with this too.
  12. My friend just had her wedding reception including a church ceremony in Armenia with her fiance in July, he had his interview on 9/4 and got approved and just got notice his visa is ready and he can pick it up in a couple of days. As long as you don't get legally married under court of law then fiance visa can still be recognized. He brought pictures of their reception to his interview as proof that relationship is genuine, the officer did not have an issue with it. So its not an automatic denial of K1 visa if you have a reception or even get married in church, technically having a marriage ceremony is not recognized as real marriage unless a marriage license is signed by appropriate parties and filed, and you get a marriage certificate recognizing your marriage as legal and true. So don't worry too much, you might just need to wait out the AP time, many couples do reception abroad since family members from beneficiaries country might not be able to travel to US for the wedding. I actually know a few couples that did that and still got K1 visa approved.
  13. My fiance was approved yesterday! He said the interview was easy and went without a hitch. Just waiting to get notice for him to pick up his passport, the officer told him he should get it within the next 2 weeks.
  14. My fiance is having his interview today! I am not going to sleep until he calls me after, its going to be a long night tonight, I can't believe its almost over. 10 more hours and we finally get the approval we have been waiting for!
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