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  1. To answer the couple questions here" We made an appointment online. A doctor sat down with Bee and myself, and looked over the list I provided from Packet 3. He then pulled out a rubric chart, that looked had the age on top and it showed which ones were required. A lot of the listed were not actually required by the US for her agegroup (22). We then requested blood work done to make sure she needed the 4 shots identified. Blood was drawn 20 minutes later, and it took at least one hour to have the lab return the results. After the blood work, she received 3 shots. The 4th one we had to ask her local clinic if she already received it ( tetanus) .
  2. So my fiancee and I went to the THAI TRAVEL CLINIC, after making an appointment. Great hospital. We arrived at 9:40, 5 minutes before our appointment. My fiancee has no longer her immunization book, so we basically prepared of starting over. and the hospital here only keep records for the last 10 years. The doctor had her blood taken first to check for antibodies. We had to wait until he returned from lunch ( 13:20) to discuss the results. She had no antibodies, so they gave her: Influenza Hep A and B combined Measles/Mumps shot. We have to return in one month to get another booster for Hep A and B combined Measles/Mumps shot. And in six months ( hopefully after getting her visa) one more Hep A and B combined. She also needs a tetanus shot, but she gave birth 5 years ago, so it is standard here to receive that shot. We will go back to the local clinic to get that one added to her immunization book.
  3. So, I would like to share my experience with getting my fiancee's certificate from the police. We arrived at 8:05 am, and waited outside, but this one lady, who had the first desk named Information waved us in. I gave her the paperwork, and used the NOA 2. She first had an issue with it, but not because it is NOA2 but she was not able to locate the beneficiary name on the document. Once we pointed it out, it was accepted in lieu of the Packet 3 letter. We then had to sit down on a table next to the information desk and fill out two pieces of paper, one was a cover letter and one was for the fingerprints. There were two guys in white shirts not answering questions but trying to hurry my financee's writing. They kept pointing to samples, but at times they were a little confusing. Two other applicants showed up, so we had to wait for the other two to catch up, because the man in the white shirts preferred to process us in batches. First the finger prints, followed by the photos. After that the info lady moved us on to another lady, who I think I was the investigator. She went over the paperwork, but also had the same issue with the NOA2. She then moved us over to another desk where we paid the processing fee of 100 baht. Then we were asked to moved to another desk, and at that desk a man collected 50 baht for the mailing fee. This whole process took us 40 minutes. Now comes the interesting part. When we left the clearance center and turned the corner, one of the man in the white shirt was waiting for us. He pointed out that the stamp on when the certificate is due for delivery is 26 October. And the day of our visit was 12 September, so basically 6 weeks. He asked if we wanted to expedite the certificate. I said sure, but then instead of going back inside we followed him down the road and went inside the Police cafeteria, where he pulled out a blank cover sheet and asked my fiancee to fill out...again. Why fill out again, and his reply was along the lines I do not trust him. By that time I had a very bad feeling, so I said no and we left. I then returned to the actual office and asked the lady at the info desk if we could expedite the document. The man in the white shirt followed us looking shaken, and told her to get rid of us. She pointed us instead to a heavy set man, who had the aura of being the boss there. He told me, sure we can expedite. He asked for 1600 baht, and a photo. He then was handed our original application, where he crossed out the 26 October date and wrote in 17 September, 5 days from now. Meanwhile the man in white shirt was in panic mode. I suspect he was afraid we going to blow the whistle on his operation. He had that deer in the headlight look. I did notice he works with a lady in the right far back handing her papers. It looked to me they are running a scam on each other there? I am not a fan of bribes, but packet 3 says 3 weeks and 100 baht. The due date was 6 weeks, and the man in the white shirt gave me zero confidence of being able to deliver. But when I pay a "tip" I sure want it to go the right guy who has the authority to deliver;p
  4. Well, the last two weeks were rough on our motivation. NOA1 - 5 February https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/logon.do aka ?old? website - 9 February https://my.uscis.gov/account/applicant aka ?new? website Woke up 30 minutes ago, and saw an email saying I have a message from USCIS. I clicked on the link which took me to their ?new? website (the one that requires each time a one time secure password ) and saw this August 24, 2018 Case Was Approved Now, when I go when I go the ?old? website the case still shows only an update in February. Well, I am really happy right now. Now I have to wait for Bee to wake up and tell her the great news! Also, I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone here contributing and sharing. This site has the best signal to noise ratio on the web that I have come across the internet. THANK YOU
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