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  1. Submitted the documents and already got an update. Hoping to get great news soon. How long does it usually take after they receive it to get an answer back?
  2. I just noticed that more evidence is needed. Not sure what though.
  3. Biometrics letter received today. Biometrics appointment August 12
  4. Check was cashed today also. I heard they don’t approve if you don’t have a SSN number so I got worried. I know that’s not true but then again wanted to see if others filed without the SSN number just like me.
  5. I received my text notification this morning for all forms. USPS delivered to the P.O. Box on 7/15. The money is still in my bank account.
  6. ais.usvisa-info.com still says send documents but the tracking number shows that the embassy already received the documents. Why wouldn't they update the current status?
  7. I think so since when we submitted more documents, they sent it back to the place you pick up the passport within a day. Now that we sent the remaining document that was needed, I think they will give us an update soon even though they said up to 5 days
  8. Update: Fiancé sent in the transcript along with the passport. They said give 5 days for the answer.
  9. We will just submit the paper copy and hope that is enough since we don’t know how long this shutdown will take
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