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  1. This should tie up all the loose ends and answer the unanswered questions for our situation: After dealing with NVC agents over and over again, I decided to tell them to submit everything WITHOUT a joint sponsor. I uploaded my 2017 tax transcript (which they asked for, even though they had my 1040). They eventually got their act together gave us case complete on March 15; notice of interview on April 10. Fast forward to today: We had our interview at the Consulate. We went in with every document possible: all my tax forms, 2018 included; joint sponsor forms from my parents; current paystubs; savings account; IRA statement; credit cards; the works. I was ready to prove to them that I am not only a capable financial sponsor, but that I am the MODEL sponsor. We give them the requested documents for the interview (none of what I mentioned above). The CO calls us over. Asks us four or five questions, none of which has anything to do with money. Grants the visa. Says thank you very much, go on your merry way. The level of IQ discrepancy between the NVC and the Consulate is mind-blowing. Of course I meet the financial requirements to sponsor my wife. It's all there in the tax documents, paystubs, W2, etc that I submitted to NVC. But. because NVC is staffed by people who are taught to follow strict measures for documentary approval, I get stuck in administrative processing. Moral of the story: NVC bad, Consulate good. Extended moral of the story: if you have all your ducks in a row, you're going to be fine. Don't worry about belting and suspendering if you clearly have financial stability and have the documentation to prove it. Case closed. USA here we come.
  2. We also just received our Interview letter/email from NVC: PD: Nov 15, 2017 CC: Mar 15, 2019 Interview: May 16, 2019 Embassy: Bucharest, Romania
  3. That's awesome @peteagus. Thanks for responding. I had a conversation with the NVC phone agents again last night, if you could call it a conversation. The guy literally responded from a script to every question I had. This makes me believe more and more that NVC are only capable of looking at the exact piece of info they are instructed to. In this case, it seems like our tax transcripts don't have the right number in the right place for NVC, so they just mindlessly tell us we don't make enough money. Geniuses. Glad to hear you CO was personable and understanding. Hope we have the same!
  4. When are you going to the consulate? I'd like to keep track of what happens. Maybe there's a pattern to this mess.
  5. That was the belt and suspenders approach from page 1 of this thread. Live and learn.
  6. Well, the plot thickens. Today, we got case complete at NVC, so hooray! But...we also got a note saying that I do not meet the financial requirements to sponsor my wife, and that the CO at the embassy would make the final decision. They of course noted that I could prepare a joint sponsor to save time! You have got to be kidding me!!!!! For one, I make more than enough to cover the 125% poverty line requirements. I also have liquid assets (proof of which I sent to NVC) that push my current yearly total over 100k. How on earth do I not qualify as financial capable of supporting my wife? I have a good job, zero debt, excellent credit, a rent-free place to live in the US and enough savings to get us through a year in case of emergency. If I don't qualify, who does?!? For the record, I am going to take my parents' documents with me, both as joint sponsor and as my household member, to the embassy. It's absurd that it's come to this, but @NikLR is absolutely right, the NVC seems to be asking for VERY different things than would be required at the consulate level. The worst part is the incompetence is starting to grate on my nerves.
  7. Time to see about a rolling file cabinet. 😂 . But seriously though, I am absolutely doing that. I'll take everything that I can in original and copy. Probably print-outs of all the NVC messages too for good measure.
  8. Yes, and I feel like I was trying to anticipate what the consulate might ask me to do; and now that I've gone back on that and tried to provide what NVC requested, it worries me that the consulate will ask for a joint sponsor after the interview. That will be a fun can of worms to open again.
  9. I live in Romania with my wife, work remote for a US company, and have kept my parents' address as my de facto US address since 2010 (i.e.: all bank accounts, credit cards, voting records, loans, taxes, and driver's license are current and registered at that address). On my I-864, I put Romania as my physical address, US as my mailing address and listed US as my domicile (I cannot remember the details of why I chose this format, but I remember it being the most sensible thing to me at the time.) We also listed their address as our intended address upon immigration, and included a signed affidavit from my parents attesting to the fact that they own the house and will let us stay there indefinitely when we arrive (as well as evidence of all my records with my US address to prove my intent to re-establish domicile). In spite of all that evidence (which was all accepted in my AOS documentation by the way), everyone I spoke to at NVC, including the supervisor, could not understand that I don't currently live with my parents. Whether or not that matters is a different debate, but it still seems to have led every one of them to the conclusion that my parents are essentially my household members. I don't know what I would advise any more. If I could go back and do things over, I would file myself as the sole sponsor and not even try for a joint sponsor. That is considering what I know now though. At the time, and at the advice of seasoned VJ members, I chose to go the belt and suspenders approach, which I thought would eliminate any doubt of my wife having sufficient financial support. I don't know if I would advise anyone to file the people currently living at their intended residence in the US as household members. That seems counter to what NVC publicly advises, even though it lines up with what they have told me. Perhaps there is something in my situation that is triggering this response specifically for me. Apparently NVC dealing with petitioners who live abroad with their spouses is the thing that is not so routine. Really any number of things could have happened here that NVC is not telling me. Maybe someone screwed up and tried to process my paperwork wrong and they had to put me into supervisor review to fix it. Maybe mine and my dad's name are too close (we have the same middle and last name). Maybe the fact that all four of us (me, wife, mom, dad) have the same last name and same US address is so uncommon these days, they figured we are one financial unit. Who knows. I am through try to understand or anticipate the nuances of this process. I just hope they accept my tax transcript and don't try to force me to add my parents as household members, which is possible and not difficult, but seems absurd at this point.
  10. @canadavisa22 @peteagus @pushbrk @NikLR If any of you are interested in how this played out, here is the run down: Amazingly, an NVC supervisor called me back. Less amazingly, when the agent asked me what time I would like a call back, I said before 5pm (which is midnight here). Obviously, he was just filling in a form, and I don't think "before xx:xx" was an option, so he chose "5:00pm". The supervisor called me at exactly 5pm (midnight) last night. Supervisor review lasted 7 days. They put our case there on Feb 27, and yesterday, March 6, they updated our case. Most agents I spoke to gave me an accurate representation of what was going to happen: they put me in supervisor review because they had to remove a joint sponsor. This is exactly what happened: they removed my father as joint sponsor and my mother as his household member, and requested that they be added as my household members. The supervisor insisted that this was happening solely because we have the same address. All of my AOS documents were approved after supervisor review, except one: the refused my 2017 tax return and foreign earnings statement (I do not have W2s as I worked in a foreign country) and requested I replace that with a tax transcript. I would have submitted transcripts in the first place, but the government shutdown meant I could not get into the IRS e-services portal. Two caveats to the other documents getting approved: They did approve my 2016 and 2015 tax return + foreign earnings statements. Possibly since these are optional, and the most recent year is required, they are more strict about using transcripts when there is no W2. Or they are only accepting transcripts despite what all their instructions say (would not surprise me at this moment). Since my I-864 was approved, with my current income and liquid assets, I told the supervisor that it was pointless to add my parents as my household members. He agreed and instructed me to add a note when resubmitting documents that I would not add my parents financial documents and I-864As, and to proceed despite the requests to do so. This last bit is the only thing that worries me, as it seems doing things that are not to the letter is getting me in trouble.
  11. Called and asked to talk to a supervisor. Agent tried and said he couldn't find one, but took my US number and said he put in a request for a supervisor to call me back. This should be an interesting turn of events if I get a call back. Waiting with bated breath...
  12. I had the same understanding until I talked to NVC on the phone. They use the terms "administrative processing", "supervisor processing" and "supervisor review" interchangeably to mean "the case is locked until a supervisor intervenes to either add or remove a joint sponsor / household member". This is also used to make the processing time more opaque, since agents will not say how long these things take. They claim each case is different in complexity.
  13. NVC is interpreting this as you living with your father at the same address. They are not allowing joint sponsorship from two people at the same address, so they are asking you to submit his income as your household member. Essentially, they want your paperwork to look like this: you as the main sponsor, filing I-864: since you don't meet the income requirements, you can use people living in the same household to meet the income requirement your father, who lives at the same address, is technically a member of your household, files I-864A Do not confuse "household member" at NVC with dependent at the IRS. FWIW, they are not singling you out. I make enough to cover the income requirements, but because I live overseas with my wife, I chose to have my parents as a joint sponsor, just in case. Since I use their address as my US address, NVC refuses to accept them as joint sponsor and is asking me to add them as my household members, despite the fact that I don't currently live in the same house. (We do intend to live there temporarily upon immigration).
  14. Did they mention whether or not your case is in administrative processing? I got similar messages saying to add my parents as household members instead of joint sponsor, then they informed me the case had to go into administrative (or supervisor) processing in order to add or remove any sponsor / household member. There is no timeframe for this, and nothing can be done on the case until a supervisor is finished. Also note they told me that I could not have my parents as a joint sponsor since we have the same address. I don't live in the US, but use their address as my permanent address (bank accounts, taxes, credit cards, etc.). What about you? Did they mention administrative or supervisor processing?
  15. That's a similar timeline to what I've seen elsewhere, but that's after re-submitting documents. Did your case go into administrative processing? If so, for how long? I sent detailed documentation about my US domicile with the original documents.
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