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  1. Case Ready And I have a date for my interview! 💕
  2. Yay!!! NOA2 January 29, just received our case number by email !
  3. I can't believe! I just got a notification on my phone, our case is approved !! NOA1 August 31 NOA2 January 30 Old site case approved New site case received
  4. We are August 31 and still nothing either 😐 I know it's frustrating to see people from September already approved but we stay positive 💕
  5. @Joy18 We have almost the same dates Our case was sent to the California Center too but I don't know if there are faster centers than others.
  6. Hi ! I started to write in August filers but my package was delivered on August 28 and we still don't have NOA1 so I guess I'm in September now
  7. Hello, I sent via UPS our package on August 20, and now it is stuck at customs since the 23. Some people say it's maybe because there is a problem with the package, some just say it's normal and just wait...