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  1. Hello, this is completely normal. The file remains at NVC until the time that the NVC schedules the interview with your embassy at which time the status will change to in transit. hope that helps.
  2. I as well just got off the phone with them. All embassy’s All interviews were closed this afternoon for June 2019. I asked that question specifically! So here’s to July!👊🏻 Ir 1 tunis tunisia cc 4/1/2019 pd June 1 2018
  3. Well hmm🤔 if that’s how it works than I say! “the NVC is the best most efficient government agency in the world🙄🙄 and they have the most helpful, respectful, kind and caring reps ever!” 🥵🥵💩 i expect my interview date tomorrow🤣 smh!
  4. Looking at the history I believe the "flood" will be this week. Here's praying since today is monday now. I feel so tired, just mentally tired of the game. It says on the top of the spreadsheet that the "average wait time for interview" is 66 days. looking at this Im really hoping for June since we will pass 66 days in June from CC and also our priority date is June 1 2018. CR1 PD 06/01/18 CC 04/01/2019 Interview (still waiting) Tunisia
  5. I called NVC yesterday asking about our case. She told us that interviews haven’t been started yet this month and that she couldn’t tell me when they would begin. She also said that the Pd really doesn’t matter but it’s the category that does. I asked her to elaborate and she said that for example, a spouse of an American citizen will automatically be put in line but other category’s May have to wait longer. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We are ir1/cr1 Pd June 1 cc April 1 Tunisia. I don’t know what to believe anymore.
  6. Petty? Yes it’s true they were! I have no family and I had to hold myself up thru the loss of my father... with no one!! Yes it’s his father in law but who cares. We had no intention to break the law or have him stay! I just needed someone here....
  7. Yes us too. me, I’m a wreck and him he's so calm. We’ve been spending time talking about what we will do when he arrives. Just waiting to hear about an interview. Our anniversary of our wedding was April 6 and we received out CC April 1 for our anniversary. I was hoping for a great birthday gift to have his interview in may but now I just hope he is here before the end of June for my oldest aunts funeral/celebration of life. I don’t want to go to that alone. I already had to bury my dad alone because they wouldn’t let him come for a week to bury him. It was heartbreaking😢💔 I hope we all hear something in the nearest future and have our loved ones with us soon inshallah.
  8. Ok here I am. PD: 06/01/2018 CC: 04/01/2019 IR1/CR1 Tunis Tunisia inshallah good news comes soon! hows everyone holding up?
  9. I called nvc yesterday and she told me that ALL interview scheduling is closed for May and that she doesn’t have a timeline for June to open up! So we wait more Tunis tunisia cr1 cc may 1
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