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  1. Just wanted to drop an update. Received AOS interview date in the mail today Mar 24th Oakland Park office. Never got RFE response received notification from USCIS, only got Case is ready to be scheduled. Filed: 2019-10-07 NOA: 2019-10-11 Rfe: 2019-11-30 Bio: 2019-11-05 Ready to be Scheduled: 2020-1-10
  2. I have received the same letter with my RFIE. i definitely submitted the 3 latest tax transcripts during the initial filing and we make over the stipulated 125% threshold on each. I'm assuming there was maybe a mistake on the original application (which i did not copy) or they lost some of our paperwork, but we are filling everything out again carefully and preparing to resend
  3. Question for anyone that may have had a similar experience, my wife has gotten a new job since we initially filed our AOS and now we have gotten an RFIE related to I864, (the old income information was over the threshold) it doesn't specifically ask for another job letter or pay stubs only tax statements and things of that nature. Im wondering if its fine to respond with the tax documentation but not send pay stubs etc considering she's no longer at the old job and has only been at the new location for 2 weeks at this point.
  4. I thought about that but looking at the guideline chart we really should be well enough past the requirement with no other dependents to make it clear
  5. Thank you. I'm assuming they must have missed something but i don't know how. We are leaning toward option 1, trying to redo all off the proof and then resend it. At this point it will be quicker and easier to do it that way as opposed to finding a co-sponsor. I'm still doing research to find posts of others that were in the same situation and how it turned out
  6. Hi Guys, we have received an RFIE 😓 for form I864 saying we dont meet the income threshold although we do. They are asking that we obtain a co-sponsor. I will keep you guys updated
  7. Hi Guys I sent the AOS combo. it was received on Oct 7th Text message notifications received 12:20 am oct 12 and 2 out of 3 NOA1 letters were received Oct 22nd (weird) Biometrics appointment letter has also been received today.
  8. Gee that was a little more than mine even. Was any attempt made to get the shots at the local clinics? Good luck on the interview also shouldn't be any problems
  9. When I asked about it the nurse said that the insurance wouldn't pay because of the visa situation, or because I'm getting them for the visa. I took her word for it but if they reimburse you then that's great!
  10. yes, you just have to show proof/records that you have already received the vaccinations
  11. Ill see if I can answer the questions based on my experience with my K1 (Bahamas) 1. The fee is going to be paid at the embassy on the day of the interview. Bring exact cash as I don't think they normally have change.. 2. It depends on how many persons may be ahead of you waiting to schedule interviews. I was able to get a date within a week and a half I think. K1's and visas of the like are done on select days. The embassy will notify you via email as to the date of your interview. You can either accept that date or ask for another one. There wont be the option to just pick one from the calendar 3. My passport was ready to pickup in 3-4 days 4. Could you do your medical prior to the notice from the embassy probably... but my understanding is that the Embassy in Nassau prefers that you wait until you receive notice from them so that's what I would recommend
  12. once you think your package has arrived you can reach out to the embassy at this address: IVNassau@state.gov. Once they are ready for you they will send you an email or respond to yours. Dr. Cargill (Bay Street Medical I think its called) will be the location for your medical. I would caution everyone if you don't have a record of recent vaccinations visit one of the local clinics to have your vaccinations done as it will be cheaper. if you do them all at Bay St Medical it will be around 900 bux depending on how many you need...
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