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  1. To remove conditions it says we have to send as much documentation as possible to prove our marriage is legitimate. The only documentation my husband and I have is our marriage certificate and the joint tax return we filed. We live with my husband's family so have no joint bills etc. I'm worried it's not going to be enough. I was thinking of opening a joint bank account, but any other ideas would be welcomed. Also, do we still have to meet the same minimum income requirements that we did for the initial spouse visa? My husband and I are both laid off right now. Thanks
  2. I don't feel like anyone can really predict how this is going to pan out. No-one can really make any plans for the next few months, maybe more. You can still travel if you are a citizen or permanent resident. They say that close family members can also travel, but when I flew back to USA just after Trump but the travel ban into place, I didn't see an option for close family at check in. I literally had to show my green card or USA passport. There was no other option to enter and no airline desks open for help. I was speaking with a woman who got to USA and was turned back to london, even though her husband was in USA and she had proof of marriage.
  3. I'm just curious if anyone knows the answer to this. Because of the pandemic, US green card holders are stranded abroad. However, one condition of a green card is not to not be out of the country for more than six months. If people are stranded in countries which have closed their borders and (heaven forbid) they are closed for longer than 6 months, on return to USA would those people be allowed to enter on the understanding of the pandemic? I'm asking because a British friend of mine is stranded in Sri Lanka and like me she is a permanent resident in USA. She's already been there for 6 weeks and she is frantic with worry. I'm sure this is the wrong category to post in, but wasn't sure where to ask this.
  4. Its fast approaching time for my spouse and I to file to remove my green card conditions. I have just been reading up about it on the immigration website to better prepare myself. As I have read it is a 12-18 months process. My question is, If I file to remove conditions and my green card expires am u unable to travel for 12-18 months until my application is completed? This worries me a lot as my brother who lives back home has brain cancer and I'm not sure I can go that long without visiting home.
  5. Thanks for all your advice. I failed my driving test this morning, it's not been a very good week at all. But I'm trying to be positive, especially on days like today.
  6. I already spoke to my husband about it and he just said, what did I expect? Peoples pasts are part of their lives. I do get that. But at the same time like, I don't think he appreciates or even acknowledges that I moved here for him.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has felt/is feeling the same as I am. Its almost 1 year since I moved to USA to live with my husband. It's taken me so long to feel at home and make my own path here. Ive been extremely up and down emotion wise. I constantly feel like I am living in my husband's past. It's all anyone ever talks about. I feel like my husband is reluctant to make new memories with me because he is so stuck in his past. It takes over the family and friends conversations. I've not been made to feel a part of it at all, I just kind of sit their. I try and join in, but I wasn't their at the time so what can I say really? I'm fighting this homesick feeling, but it's really hard to stop myself from just going back home
  8. Yes, I feel like it is holding me back. I'm reluctant to quit, just incase I don't get anything else though. Yes, I drove in the UK for 13 years! It's just going from way smaller roads, smaller cars and right hand of road, left side of car to massive roads, bigger cars, left hand drive and right side road. I'm so comfortable driving the other way!
  9. Thanks for the responses. I have now booked my behind the wheel test for September. I drove to work today, instead of my husband driving me (don't worry he was in the passenger seat) I also started studying for a TESOL teaching certificate to teach kids English, which was recommended by a fellow student at my college. I'm taking small steps and I'm feeling better already. Thanks guys!
  10. I live in lake Elsinore (almost halfway between LA and San Diego) Im trying to see things in a more positive light now and taking small steps at a time.
  11. I just use my passport or green card as ID. I don't drink alcohol and I only have one bank account, so I don't need to use it much.
  12. Ive always disliked where I lived in England, so I figured once I'd moved I'd be absolutely fine. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a massive change from what I'm used to living in southern California. I got a job in a movie theatre a week after moving here, because a family member is the manager. I figured I would be out of their within a couple of months, with a USA job reference in hand. It's been 9 months and I apply for jobs every single day and have only had one interview, which I didn't get the job. I figured I would get my driving licence quickly too, but I'm scared to drive here. I've practiced a few times but the cars and roads are huge here. I keep putting off my test and have lost my confidence with it now. One good thing is that I've just enrolled in a bachelor's degree program to become a teacher, so four years from now I'll be sorted. But until then, I'm pretty depressed. Some days I just want to go back to England because it's easier. It's familiar. I know I can drive and get a job. It's really put a downer on living here. Nothing really prepared me to feel this way! I've totally lost all of my independence.
  13. Thanks for the response. I think we might have to look into the other option which is he gets a work visa as he's a software engineer and I just move back as a citizen.
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