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  1. So has USCIS shut down yet? Realistically, I am wondering how many months this will add to the processing time for k1. We submitted outed in February
  2. Yea - perhaps she can schedule some doctor appointments back home in Thailand as well. it definitely isn’t an ideal situation we are just a bit worried with our original travel plans overseas idea, with corona going on. Felt it would be safest to be together in America so maybe I am being too hopeful
  3. Appreciate the advice here but you are forming opinions here on something I never said. Not once did I say I would lie to immigration or ever planned to. I never would do that. Simply asking the best way to phrase things. Yes, we are getting married but we are also boyfriend/girlfriend. So her saying she is visiting boyfriend is not a lie. @jorgedig Haha yea you're right. Brain fart. Been a long day for me. And to be clear, we are 100% getting married. Was just using that is an example to respond to a comment...but clearly it was a bad example on my side
  4. Shipped ours out February 21. Got a text message stating it was received on February 28.
  5. Ahhh so you are saying the couple you married it only took 5/6 months to get k1 visa? I guess the could of sent in during a low time. When did they submit?
  6. Has anyone had their beneficiary visit for 3 or 4 months? I see most people on here talk about visiting for a few weeks but have not found an example of someone staying several months. Thanks!
  7. @Loren YShe got 6 months last time. But maybe not this time since she will be done with her job. So you are saying a couple you married, the beneficiary stayed in USA for 3 months on a tourist visa, while awaiting k1? And they then got the k1 no problem?
  8. Yea but I have YET to see someone on here who had their beneficiary visit for 6 months. If you have, please share
  9. Yea, it really wasn't a big deal for us until this corona virus situation came up. Our plan was to live abroad for six months while waiting, but not sure that is the safest situation right now..and I am worried about her being over there/more flights getting cancelled.
  10. Thanks @Nat&Amy Ya you probably are right. I guess I was just trying to be hopeful and hear from someone on here who has done it before. I know tourist Visa is not meant for living 6 months, and that's why I thought it might sound sketchy....but it's hard to know without knowing how the USCIS officers think. She has visited and left the country and she would have her return flight home booked before arriving here, so I would think there is a good shot. But once again, more concerned about it affecting the k1. I supposed we would be open to a 3 month stay if it looked more legit but a short stay is not the point of this, it's to be together and not just a short vacation. If that was the case, we would go somewhere else for a few weeks.
  11. Yes, completely I agree. I have never had intentions to lie to Immigration or will. I am just asking if it makes a difference. Technically she is not my fiance yet because I have not proposed. My understanding is that the 90 day fiance visa is 90 days to choose to get married...Many go into this process without getting married...Anyways, that's not my situation just an example. What I would really love, is to her from someone who has been through this same situation (where beneficiary actually lived with USA resident for 6 months). I understand it is the officer's decision and she may be able to be granted in, but I am more worried about if there are issues with it affecting the k1 visa. Thanks for the help!
  12. @missileman Yep. So this is what we would like to do. She would fly here in April on her tourist visa. And yes she would answer honestly, that she is visiting her fiance (should she say boyfriend or fiance)? Technically I haven't proposed yet. Anyways, she would stay with me for 5 or 6 months and then fly back to Thailand. She would stay there until the interview is ready. Oh and we would book a round trip of course. So when she would arrive in April, she would be able to show the officer her return flight home in September. My biggest concern is EVEN if they do let her in, will this effect our K1 process? At the interview will they tell her she wasn't allowed to stay that long with her fiance or something like that.
  13. Thanks @Nat&Amy. Of course we would never lie and risk and chance of harming our K1. She already visited me on tourist visa last year, long before we submitted the paperwork for K1. So do you think it is KEY that we show we would be traveling and NOT living permanently at my house? I'm not sure if it's believable for 6 months Hey @missileman yea she does. She got it last year and visited me for 3 weeks
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