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  1. Hi everyone, My wife had her biometrics appointment in March. Based on others timelines, it seems like many were approved for their EAD in a few weeks (after biometrics). It's been over 3 months now. It would be great to hear from others in this forum that are in California. Is anyone else waiting 3+ months? Is there anything we can do to try and speed this process up? We filed AOS November 2020, so are over 7 months now, hoping to get her green card before the end of the year as well. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for letting me know! I think a large part of that is because yours was during the worst of covid. How soon after your biometrics appointment did you receive your combo card? Have you travelled outside the country with your AP at all or just waiting it out?
  3. Hi everyone. We just received out biometrics letter in the mail and is scheduled for March 15th (our I485 application was received December 4). Does anyone have an idea how many more months to go we have after our appointment? For those of you who have recently completed your biometrics appointment, have you received your combo card (or even green card) yet? Thank you very much!
  4. Hi everyone, I've been searching online for a tax advisor that specializes in taxes for digital nomads and foreign spouses. Trying to figure out if we should file jointly and separately this year and also if there are any financial moves I should make before the end of year that would be wise for me to do. Thanks!
  5. For those of you that just mailed in your transcript with last 4 of ssn, did it work out for you?
  6. @JFH Ok so basically you are saying that she will temporarily be Overstaying her visa, but once it's approved, that will be removed? And what are you suggesting to do? you said "why chance it"? Why chance what? We are sending in our documents before her visa expires.
  7. @Ras Ous So do you mean before a receipt number is given? @JFH Not entirely sure what you mean. We aware approved for NOA2 on the K1, but had to switch things up and now got married on the tourist visa. Also, I have been told many times that as long as the I-130 is received, she will not have a Over stay on here record (unless denied). Although I am not sure if I am correct on that..
  8. My wife and I married while she is on her tourist visa. We are sending our filing our AOS this week. I am worried we won't get a receipt number in time (before her visa expires). Does anyone know if this will cause an issue? or does it just need to arrive (tracking) to their facility before her visa expires?
  9. Yes, I was meaning are we ok if she does not update her last name on SSN until EAD? Meaning, for 5+ months, her SSN will not have the updated last name. Is there anything we won't be able to do because of that?
  10. Thanks, is there any downside to not having it updated though? Because it will be 5+ months before EAD
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