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  1. Yep - we went to the back of the queue - incredibly frustrating - so you're new date becomes the day you 'resubmitted'. Took about another month to get DQd. The processing times on the website are very accurate, although note that I had to call to chase and get my case flagged to a supervisor (it got DQ'd the same day) as they claimed to have processed past when I submitted. So definitely chase!
  2. Finally got DQ'd today! Will also pitch and say how I strongly feel there's no need in most cases for a face to face interview when a Zoom call will suffice. Now we play the waiting game! Can I also just sense check, now I got the massage saying Documentarily Qualified I just sit tight and wait for an email confirming interview slot & details of medical instruction. Nothing else to do and this is emailed rather than posted?
  3. Thanks for this - nice tool! Submitted 4th April so hoping the needle moves along today nicely. I presume you get notified by email? Must say found the whole submission process very 'unsatisfying' in knowing when I had submitted everything they wanted.
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