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  1. Hello guys, My son was approved for his CRBA on June 8th, but we still don't have his SSN. The officer said it should take about 6-8 weeks. I've been reading other threads where they had to apply at a local field office. Any experiences?
  2. Of course no worries! It was a pretty nerve wracking experience trying to get an appointment for months, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!
  3. Hello! I requested an emergency appointment, sent them proof of travel within 5 days, and they emailed back around 8am CST on Thursday, basically saying that the appointments were about to go up in the next few minutes, which they did. They were all gone within a couple minutes! I would email them for an emergency appointment if you're traveling soon. If not, I'm sure they can guide you as to when the appointments go up. Just FYI, we opted for the regular processing for the full validity passport, and it took about 2 weeks from interview to receiving it in mail.
  4. Unfortunately, July prices are highway robbery. At these rates, it might be worth taking a look at business or premium economy, specially if you are carrying lots of luggage. Virgin Atlantic upper class and premium are both great and have excellent deals usually. Travelled both, and premium actually ended up being the best deal, better than economy considering cost of paying for extra luggage and all that.
  5. Update: For anyone who might be looking for the answer, everything went well! they didn't even ask for the packet.
  6. Hello, I have been reading mixed experiences on the following annotation: 221(g)(2)(B) ---- I get that 221 is about vaccine waiver. Class B TB Req ATTN of USPHS at POE --- Wife had sputum cultures come back negative, and visa was issued after. So I get the Class B TB. IV Docs in CCD --- IV Docs have been sent electronically. She received the passport with the visa, but no sealed medical packet. Some people seemed to have received just a sealed medical packet, and others have not. I was curious to see if there was any consensus about this.
  7. Hello, Did you face any issues at POE without the yellow packet, given the class B TB annotation?
  8. Got the appointment and CRBA was approved! 3-4 weeks for CRBA + passport to be delivered. The second option was emergency passport - didn’t realize we could get an emergency passport, and then CRBA would be mailed. I thought we would have to apply for CRBA at a later time if we opted for emergency passport. Oh well. 3-4 weeks isn’t too bad either.
  9. Update - day after medical received by the embassy, we got the DX email. Passport received in mail the day after. Apparently everything else is transmitted electronically now. Excited!
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. Still trying to get an appointment, checking everyday.
  11. Thanks Mark, I'll try contacting the Visa unit. I've been trying to get an emergency appointment for the longest, no luck. I have been checking the calendar every day religiously. Somehow, they all get taken up out of nowhere. I've been trying to get an appointment since August of last year. The plan with ESTA was so he can come here at least for 2 months, and as soon as I see an available appointment, my wife and I can take a flight same day or whatever and go get the CRBA done.
  12. Actually I just rechecked, you're right, they are offering emergency appointments. I have been checking the calendar regardless, and still no movement.
  13. Can't edit that post.. but what should we expect to receive in mail? Just the passport, or also the medical packet? CBRA appointments still not available at London embassy unfortunately. Have to figure out if my son can travel on his UK Visa with ESTA meanwhile.
  14. Hello guys, My wife's CR1 visa has been issued. We're yet to find an available CRBA appointment in London, since they are not doing them at the moment. I qualify to pass citizenship, have all documents and everything filled out, ready to go. What are the options available here? Can my son travel on ESTA? As soon as I find an appointment, my wife and I can fly to London that week and get his CRBA taken care of. He currently has a UK passport and an active ESTA.
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