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  1. I sent my docs first time and waited 5 days without any confirmation about receiving docs. I sent them all again and called after 4 hours and they told me it's received. Maybe you need to resend it!?
  2. Our interview is scheduled in June. Can't wait to finish this long process. Good luck to every one.
  3. Normal. Call after a week to verify if they reviewed your docs.
  4. Regular, I emailed them all documents because my case is Email only.
  5. Yeah, it's like next day air service!!! Follow my timeline so you would know more!
  6. One more step ahead! Email processing _____ 4/20/2018 docs sent 4/21/2018 CC ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  7. Alaa Abdelrahman

    NVC welcome letter

    Yeah, everything is ready since Feb 20th!
  8. Alaa Abdelrahman

    NVC welcome letter

    Sounds good!!!. But how long does it needs to be processed and start paying fees? (On Average)
  9. Hello everyone, My case was approved back in Feb 10th 2018. NVC recevied the case on Feb 27th 2018. Been calling every week and I got case&invoice number April 5th 2018. I wasn't able to login but next day I was able to and completed DS-261 without receiving the welcome letter!. Do I have to wait for the welcome letter in order for the fees to show up? Or is not good to submit the ds-261 without the welcome letter? They were saying it takes up to 4 weeks from April 5th!!!!!
  10. I dont know what pivot case means but yeah it would be 100% online not mail. That's what I've been told by lawyer.
  11. Nvc received our cas on FEB 27th. Still no case # 😑😑😑
  12. Something on the way this week. Just keep faith, its coming.
  13. Hang in there!!! Both of you should get something on the way from now until March 10th!!!
  14. So do you mean that you still waiting for NOA2?