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  1. Notarized is not required however it looks better to the Embassy because it becomes more official and shows you went out of your way to verify your identity. Anyone in the US could be Jane Doe petitioning for John Doe in another country
  2. I received an email yesterday from the NvC that our petition is being sent to the Embassy. In the email they spelled my fiancé’s first name wrong. Do I need to have this corrected? Or is it not a big deal since it’s just an email
  3. It meant a be patient . There’s a huge backlog. We were approved 09/20 and just yesterday for the email of our petition being sent to the embassy
  4. Hello,


    do you mind sharing your experience with the Amman embassy? My fiancé is in process of scheduling his interview there 

  5. You never know until you try! Every congressman is different, has different views on assisting with immigration, and will offer their help to different extents…with that being say go ahead and ask your congressman friend to help
  6. My fiance is still waiting for an appointment in Amman as well
  7. I am waiting for NVC to schedule an appointment for my fiancé in Amman as well. We have been stuck at NVC since September 2020
  8. Hello, I am having the same problem with the Amman Embassy providing conflicting information with NVC. My case has been stuck since September 2020 and Amman is not subject to any bans. I have decided to move forward with a Mandamus case because it seems like the only way to get an interview
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