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  1. Congrats! Finally one chapter closed. I hope the next phase is faster. Best of luck to both of you.
  2. I had stroke while my husband was waiting out the I-130 process and he tried to obtain a visit visa. He was denied the visit visa as he had a pending I-130. They said he had to wait it out.
  3. I was the petitioner for my husband. I did not attend his interview. The CO called me during my husband's interview to ask me questions.
  4. We all know how frustrating the wait is. You will probably just receive another generic email with the same response. I wouldn't expect much more than what you received. I received that same thing a couple of different times. They have picked up your file and doing all the necessary checks.
  5. That is the exact outlook you need to get through this trying process. Sometimes it is easier said than done. I'm here for you in any way I can be. It is expensive and not a short flight where you could just go for a a long weekend. It takes almost a whole day to get there. Here's wishing and hoping the best for you and your husband and a very speedy process. 🙏 Trust in Allah!
  6. We got married fairly quick too. 5 months after meeting we got married. I'm older than my husband too (I'm 7 years older). How is what we did, any different from an arranged marriage? I always worry about the unknowns and the what ifs. I unfortunately, haven't been able to make a trip back to Jordan, although I very much want to, for medical reasons completely unexpected, unforeseen and out of my control. What has taken place during our time apart, is proof Allah has a plan and is good. We just have to trust him even when it's hard and we don't see the the picture. InshaAllah we will come out on top.
  7. To USCIS, I sent 3 affidavits one from my sister and best friend, who could tell about the facts of my relationship with my husband and one from his brother-in-law who brought us together and went with me to Jordan, a few photos of just him and I at places we visited while I was there, and a few photos of us together with his family when we celebrated the marriage, my trip information, the documents showing I made him beneficiary on my retirement and life insurance plans. At NVC, is when I sent in more papers/evidence. Our case has taken longer than most, I filed at at time (December 2016) when it seems like everyone filed and it created a back log. It took 13 months (approved Jan 2018) to get approved at the USCIS. I've been following other time lines, it looks like things are going back to normal. NVC stage goes much faster but ours took longer because he had issues with obtaining his police clearance. From filing to interview, it's taken 23 months. I honestly don't think yours will take even half this time based on what I've been seeing. Don't let my timeline discourage you in anyway. It's hard waiting and being apart. In the end, it will be WORTH IT and we will appreciate each other more and make us stronger!
  8. I am so happy for you! Many congratulations! Oh yeah, definitely a lot of running around going here and there to get papers, stamps, etc.! I pray that your continued journey is quick and fast. We are finally at the stage his interview has been scheduled. InshaAllah it all goes well and according to his plan. I hope to be reunited with my husband soon. I can't wait! If you ever need help or have questions throughout this process ask and I will help however i can.
  9. My Ceac case complete appeared on 9/7 Received the official email letter confirming that on 9/14/18. The letter basically said we were in line for an interview date. It could take up to 3 months. Since the 14th, I'm still waiting for the interview date. Maybe if we are lucky we will hear something next week with it being the last week of the month. Best of luck to all.
  10. Congratulations! I followed your story early on and I've always wondered what happened. I am so happy for this happy ending! Best wishes, love and luck to everyone!
  11. I am a USC who got married in Jordan in 2016. I just needed a certified copy of my birth certificate which I obtained from vital records in the city i live. This is my first marriage. You will have to make an appointment US embassy and obtain a document says that you are free to marry. I can't really answer questions on divorce. I don't think it would hurt to have certified divorce papers. If you have anymore questions let me know and I will try to answer. Enjoy your time there. I loved Jordan, the people and the food.
  12. From my experience and receiving 3 of the exact same responses. You are stuck in Background checks which can be short or long. I waited just short of 13 months for approval. There really isn't much to do but wait which is the worst.
  13. It took them two weeks to reply to my email. By the the time they replied, I had forgotten I emailed them and I already had the information they emailed about.
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