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  1. @x_driven_x @Naes I cant believe !!!. My Case APPROVED. I try to Login Every Single Day on NEW Account *******No TEXT , NO EMAIL , NO Update on OLD or NEW WEB******** NOA-1 - Nov-03-2017 (OLD SITE) NOA-1 - Nov-07-2017 (NEW SITE) NOA-2 - May-29-2018 (New SITE) New site is "Updated" Old Site shows "Received" Tracker show "Received" Thank to everyone here and Good luck to everyone still waiting!!!
  2. @Naes @x_driven_x Would you guys help me out to fill this form related to I-129F. Its my area Congressman PDF form that I need to fill out for my Fiancee and explain that I applied for her and I haven't heard anything till now and we are pretty much out of normal processing time. So I'm wondering if you guys can help me out to fill with the Great Format that you have seen in past few months from other member on this group or any other Blog . I'm standing at 209 days as of Today and my petition is not been approved until now.
  3. Still Waiting 203 Days almost
  4. only following Form an be Fill Online. It happened recently.
  5. Officially I'm in 200 Club Fan now. Party Hard and Keep Rocking
  6. Going to count my self in 200 from Tomorrow .
  7. In addition two my post few more Cases of Nov-03-2017 Approved also.
  8. They still missing Early Nov Cases but somehow See some Approved cases of Nov-03-2017. Still waiting for mine :(. Day 194 As of Today
  9. @NaesCan I refer any Approve case of Nov as a Reference
  10. @Naes Could you please help us here.
  11. @Little_Vixen Wow . I really Appreciated. All my November Fellows. If you like to talk o Tier 2 . Please Follow these steps and You will be Transfer to Tier 2 without any Stress. 1. Dial the number. 1800-375-5283 2. Once it starts Ringing, don't PRESS ANY BUTTON ON YOUR KEYPAD. 3. After 2 to 5 minutes, you'll be transferred to a Spanish Speaker. 4. Let the Spanish Speaker wind down, then Say, "English Please". 5. Once he/she gives the same spill in English, pose your question or ask very Politely to be transferred to an ISO, a Tier 2 Human. **Note: I personally Setup my Tier 2 call via this method and It work out for me.
  12. Anyone let me know how to talk to Tier 2 Customer REP in USCIS. Please guide me that will be Great. Happy Friday
  13. Any one Can help me. With USCIS number and all the details and how to directly talk to Tier 2 Rep