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  1. We didn't. My husband simply told her he has a court hearing Monday over a speeding fine and she immediately issued the RFE. The reason he is going to court is due to the insurance. In tennessee they won't send you to court for speeding for your first offense unless you are doing over 100mph. They will send you over car insurance every time. At the time I did and still do have car insurance however, it doesn't cover that truck because of reasons i stated previously. He did not have one of my cards on him because we believed the vehicle was already insured.
  2. We had my husband's interview yesterday in the Nashville field office. The lady was nice. She did not ask my spouse any questions about me or my family or how we met. She wanted all cohabitation documents and a copy of some boarding passes and our photo album. When she went through the questions about have you ever done this or that my husband had to tell her he received a traffic ticket a couple of months ago and has a court date this Monday because we borrowed a truck from my brother in law believing it was insured only to find out when he was pulled over for speeding that it is not insured. To make matters worse when we contacted my brother in law we found out the title is not even in his name it is in his friends name!!!!! So for 2 months i have tried to get this matter cleared up and have that title put in my brother in laws name but his so called friend does not care and has not signed that title over nor will he give me his license number so i can insure the truck! I have car insurance and always have but my company says i have to have the title owner listed as an active driver to insure the vehicle! So i cannot insure it. Im just worried about what the judge will say in regards to the insurance even though ive had my husband on my insurance just not on this vehicle i don't own. I can't force this person to insure his own vehicle. So now our adjudicator has issued an RFE and we must mail her the judgement when we receive it Monday. She also stated that she never gives a decision at interviews it is always within 30 days after the interview. All over a traffic ticket......a common one here in Tennessee too. Anyone else had this come up? Or felt with tennessee court over insurance?
  3. Hey everyone as of Thursday August 15th we have been scheduled for an interview for September the 19th in Nashville. We got the letter 2 days ago...it says to submit a sealed medical exam and vaccination record...guess we have to do that again
  4. Hello Everyone, Today our status changed from "interview is ready to be scheduled" to "Interview was scheduled" This is great news! We had an RFIE and responded to it accordingly. They wouldn't accept my payments from the military as proof of income as a veteran with my job. So we had to get a co-sponsor. They updated that they received our RFIE, but we had no response as to whether they were happy with our co-sponsor and all the documentation. Since the status changed to interview was scheduled, I guess that means they were? Our co-sponsor makes over 50K a year and we sent tax returns and transcripts both just to cover our bases. Anyone else have a co-sponsor and interview recently?
  5. I don't know why you don't believe me so here is the picture you can clearly see it says express mail which is sent via USPS not FEDEX and I am well aware fedex is a courier so is DHL
  6. It does not say FEDEX or UPS. I can take a photo for you to see yourself it says and I Quote "Express Mail or Courier Delivery" send to this address: 850 Chipman Rd Lee's Summit, MO
  7. I Did send it to the P.O box, but they said and I literally have a copy of it in my hand...if you are sending it express mail you send it to a different address....if they want it to go to p.o box why the bleep bleep do they even put that blurb on there about sending it to the different address for express mail? That's flipping ridiculous.
  8. So finally I went to the post office today to send the RFE response packet to USCIS. When I get there I fill out an express mail card and put the address that USCIS provided on the RFE document specifically for express mail and courier delivery. So when I get to the counter the clerk inputs the address and Asks "Excuse me Ma'am are you sure this address is correct? Is there a suite number? It seems incorrect according to our system?" I was shocked I said no sir i looked at the document myself and input the data. He insisted there was supposed to be a "suite number" so I ripped the envelope open took a photo of the 2 address on the 3rd page of the RFE and showed it to him. He said yes I believe you, and ma'am you can send this but i can't be 100% sure it will go to the right address....at this point I have had enough of this D*mn process for the RFE and I say just mail it to the P.O box then....he asks me again if I am sure and I say I'm sending it to the P.O box because at this point I cannot take any chances on it not getting there. So I mailed it to the P.O box.... FOLKS IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD! It should not be so hard to mail something to the USCIS! If they have a suite number it should be included on the RFE address! Unless the Postal Clerk is making a mistake (i know that is possible). No I did not request a signature for fear it wouldn't get signed for anyway. UPON FURTHER RESEARCH... I looked up the Express Mail address online....and #######, it is a huge building with several suites!!!! There is even signs that say they have a CVS caremark in the same building! COME ON USCIS WHY WOULDN'T WE NEED THE SUITE NUMBER? Some postal clerks DO NOT put two and two together and if you don't have a suite number they will send the d*mn package or mail back! The good news is the nightmare saga of the RFE is hopefully over....it was sent with everything exactly as they requested it in the RFE. NO I did not send Federal Tax transcripts because they specifically asked for the returns. I just hope we don't get a problem with the fact my Co-sponsor filed his 2016 return late....We even submitted pay stubs and a letter from his employer and he is WELL over the poverty limit for his household size. like 20,000 dollars over. IF YOU ARE SENDING AN RFE I would send it to the P.O box not the Express mail address they give. Not after what I experienced. Thanks for listening to me vent.....
  9. Thank you, I know it seems ####### but one cant be too careful when sending paperwork for an RFE. The biggest snafu we had for a while was my cosponsor had not filed his 2016 tax return and he was owed a return, so he had no penalty for the late filing..i don't remember the reason for his late filing but he had to send a letter to the IRS about it. The goods news is it is filed and i have it to send with the RFE since you do have to list your last 3 year's of adjusted gross income (listed on your 1040) on the I- 864. Phew I have everything now and can express mail this out tomorrow.
  10. It was here on the forum that's why i asked about it. I'd have to dig to find out the last person i saw who said it. It's not on the RFE so im not going to worry about it.
  11. The W2 sample looks exactly like his 2018, and 2017 W2s that are stapled to his 1040 ez, however the 2016 looks a bit different im not sure if that is because H&R block cut it, it looks cut by scissors at the top. I provided a photo for reference and covered up the sponsor's info. The bottom portion mot visible is 2 exact copies of the same thing you see here on one page. I just didn't show it due to having to cover up the personal details
  12. My question is do we need printed ones separate outside of the tax forms even though with his 1040 ez they are already included?
  13. So in the saga of the RFE we received We finally were able to get everything we need for our co-sponsor (including his 2016 tax return) However I still have 2 questions. 1. I have seen around the forum something about signing the RFE. I do not see anywhere on the 3 pages of our RFE where my husband would or needs to sign. Are folks talking about the cover letter maybe? 2. My co-sponsor's W2s are included with his 1040 filing so do I need to have him print separate ones? Or do I need to have the ones included copied and listed separately from the tax forms? The w2s included do not look any different than the ones he gets from his employer. Can I not just reference on the cover letter that the w2s are included in the 1040 packet? #2 seems a little ####### but sometimes you gotta be that way when dealing with the government... Thanks for the help!
  14. I consider this matter closed. There is nothing I can really do but hope that he will file the 2016 return or find a new sponsor.
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