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  1. Hello, My EAD is approved but I still don't have a SSN, I've been told it keeps getting automatically deleted from the system because we didn't get it processed before the 90 days were over so we had to wait until I've got my AOS to apply for one again. Is it possible to apply for a SSN once I get the EAD or do I really have to wait for the AOS? Our AOS is still being reviewed because of an RFE. Also, is it possible to work with my AOS pending or without a SSN but with an EAD?
  2. I've been waiting for my green card and my SSN, I called the SSN office to check the status of my application and they said I would have to wait until I get my green card then apply again because after the 90 days were over my SSN was still not processed so the system deleted my application automatically. Is there anyone with the same issue?
  3. This is the letter we got. We provided Form I-864, W2s, 1044, tax transcripts and last 6 months of paystubs.
  4. With the initial submission I provided last 3 recent taxes I provided 1044, w2, tax transcripts, and provided 6 months of paystubs. For the w2’s the company I work for was bought by a different company early in the year. I received two w2’s for 2020 one says roughly $2k and the other says $33k. I’m not sure if they just did not look at it properly? Based on the uscis poverty guidelines I do make above the 125% considering it is GROSS INCOME correct?
  5. Hello, We got an RFE for our adjustment of status due to proof of income requirements not being met and they can't determine my spouse is qualified as my sponsor. Her taxable income is $23706. We included the most recent year of taxes and she made $36106 gross income and ever got a pay increase recently, are they looking at gross or taxable income? Her W2s were included and we don't know if the issue might be that her company changed names in the middle of the year. We live with her mom but she is not a dependant as she has her own job so we put our household as 2 and we believe she does meet the income requirement. Is this a mistake on their part or are we really not meeting the requirements?
  6. Hello! My visa status on US Travel Docs says Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery since yesterday, I haven't received a notification to pick up my K1 packet yet, is there any way I could get the tracking number so I can check with Correos if they have it? When I call they say they can't help just by ID number or name.
  7. You have to go to the Registro Judicial and ask for a Delincuency Record for International Affairs. I went and they made me comeback the next day to pick it up so they might do the same to your fiancé. This is the link to the Registro Judicial. https://maps.app.goo.gl/uwkcVpA33Wao1wqAA As far as I know there's no way to get it digitally because it comes with a wet signature and a bunch of stamps, it has 3 pages instead of just one like the normal one.
  8. I got another email telling me to pay the MRV and call the next day after 1pm so I can schedule. I already paid so I will be scheduling tomorrow. They gave me a phone number for their call center.
  9. Hi, We got the package 3 earlier this month, it said to gather all documents and get all medical exams done + renewal letter and to email them at SanJoseIV@state.gov in order to schedule the interview once I had everything ready. Today I went to my appointment with the physician and I have the sealed envelope I have to take to the interview ready. I emailed them but I got an automated response saying all visa appointments have been cancelled since March 2020, I believe this is just their standard reply since Covid started, also I met people with appointments already scheduled for july at the medical office and I have even seen a recent review at here on VJ for the embassy from last month. As far as I know I should be able to schedule right, does anybody know what I should do to schedule or where should I contact? Any help is appreciated!
  10. Hello, my fiancée and I just got the instructions for what to get ready before the interview, it says I have to bring a Letter of Renewal and requires a signature from my fiancée in the US, it says original signature. Can she sign the letter and send it to me as a copy to print or does it have to be wet signature?
  11. We are working on our ds160 and where it asks to provide previous employment from the last 5 years it only gives me two boxes? I have 2 other employment records to include that are included in the 129F packet we sent in. As for the education history my fiancée did not graduate from her high school but instead went to a technical school (I’m not sure that’s what you’d call it) it is similar to a GED in the US. Do we still need to include her high school name or can we can just include where she got her diploma?
  12. The NVC says our K1 petition is in Transit and the consulate has scheduled the interview, when we will know when our interview date is? Will they send us another letter like packet 3? Should we start working on the DS-160 or wait until we get another letter once it arrives at the embassy? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  13. Hi, is it necessary to translate the birth certificate and civil status paper as well as the criminal records? can i just print the digital copy you can buy at tse.com or do i need to get it verified at their building? what other documents do i have to bring?
  14. Hello, is it possible to get vaccination records from La Caja or the clinic I went to for my medical appointment? Thanks for the help!
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