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  1. Visa Fee $325.00 Immigrant Fee $220 I-864 $120 I can pay the other two not bolded, and the case will be stuck until the Immigrant fee which officially starts the clock correct?
  2. So my parents finally got approved but I have a question for you guys. 1) Is there a point for me to even pay the AOS or IV fee now, now that the Trump administration has blocked green cards for our parents, ostensibly until the end of the year? 2a) I see that the interview location is Johannesburg, my parents applied as South African citizens - but they are currently in South Korea (they're dual) and will need to do interviews there, is there a way I can change this interview location? 2b) If I pay the fees, is the interview location locked in?
  3. Does thank you Glad to hear! Hope for me then
  4. I got approved 3/24 and haven't heard a thing. Do they send an email?
  5. So what does Trumps executive order mean? No more movement for at least two months?
  6. So my parents have been approved for a while now, when exactly will NVC send me an email?
  7. To clarify, I have to have insurance for them paid for and ready by the time they go into the interviews? I'm guessing with COVID these interviews won't happen for a while.
  8. Interesting, both my parents just got approved. Notice date was 7/25
  9. I haven't been following the latest policy guidelines. Are you parents required to get insurance in order get their green cards or just that they are getting insurance in general?
  10. Great! I'm also Potomac and filed a few days after you. I guess I should hear back oson. How do you guys think will the COVID outbreak affect the process ?
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