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  1. Wow, it seems pretty crazy that the information doesn’t need to be up to date (not that I’m complaining!) Thanks so much for this info! I will definitely fill in a new form to take with me to the interview to be safe.
  2. Thanks for the response! You’re totally right - safest option at this point is definitely MIL. I guess as long as I can take an updated/joint I-864 to my interview, I just need to wait and see where we are when my interview is scheduled - as it could still be a long time and he could be employed by then. I just want to make sure that’s the right thing to do and I’m not supposed to mail a new one or anything before that point - you mentioned sending it in. I just don’t know how to get it sent in and put with the rest of my files, without an RFE. I guess I should give USCIS a call and see what their advice would be. I’m pretty surprised there isn’t more info out there on this - I’m sure people must lose/change jobs occasionally as it’s a pretty long process and life happens!
  3. I am currently ‘ready to be scheduled for interview’ in the AOS process. I am struggling to find information on what to do in this situation - my husband was military and has finished his service so we have moved back to his hometown. So not only have I had to change all of the addresses related to my forms, he is also currently unemployed. So everything that was previously on the I-864 form is now not current. He is currently seeking a job, but also may use his GI bill to start school next year. Financially, between his military payments and my own job and our savings, we’re doing great but obviously he needs to meet the requirements. So what do I do about updating the information on the I-864? Do I submit a new one? Fill in another and take it to interview? If needed, my mother-in-law would easily be able to do a I-864 for me too...I just don’t know how to add a joint sponsor at this point. I just can’t seem to find any information on this - I’d really appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  4. I got the same message about my AP too. It is the combo card, don’t worry!
  5. Hi, I didn't get it at all. I had my biometrics appointment on April 5th and never got any update - it stayed the same (case received) until April 18th when it changed to 'ready to be scheduled for interview'. Now just waiting!
  6. Hi, my reason for expedite was not employment related it’s actually an unusual situation to do with my military access card to the base I live on and not having an SSN. I submitted a letter from myself explaining the situation and a letter from military officials and my husbands military orders as proof. Sorry I realise that’s not very helpful! From what I’ve read from other users, a letter from the prospective employer is usually the evidence that is submitted for an employment related expedite. You are not allowed to work before you have work authorization so I guess proof of payroll etc is not accepted.
  7. Hi, I called the USCIS number for military members/family members. Although if you want to request an expedite I believe you only have to call the regular USCIS line.
  8. My expedite was not based on financial loss but from what I’m seeing a lot of the timelines are similar regardless so hopefully yours will be similar. Sorry I didn’t realise you were asking specifically for that.
  9. I just expedited my EAD too, to give you an idea of the timeline I called to request the expedite on April 18th, got an email requesting more evidence the next day (April 19th) and submitted the evidence on April 20th. I heard nothing until today when I got an update to say my card is in production!
  10. They won’t issue you a SSN until your EAD is approved so you won’t get it with NOA1 unfortunately. I’m waiting on it too - when I went to the social security office they said I couldn’t have one because I applied after marriage on my K1. I didn’t realise that was incorrect and actually I was entitled to have an SSN issued but it’s too late now
  11. Joulesrc

    Medical - UK

    You can apply online here https://www.acro.police.uk/police_certificates.aspx or via post (info on website). It costs £45. You will need your police certificate for your interview too. They are only valid for 6 months so don’t get it too far in advance.
  12. Joulesrc

    Medical - UK

    Hi, at Knightsbridge you are required to have a chest X-ray, blood sample taken, urine sample and an examination with a doctor. On the day you must bring with you 4 passport style photos, police certificate, photo ID, vaccination record and a brief medical history from your doctor (outlining any major illnesses or surgeries you have had). There is also a questionnaire to fill out and bring with you. In my experience it was straightforward and everyone was very friendly. It costs £300 and extra if you require any vaccinations. (Prices listed here http://www.knightsbridge-doctors.com/practice-fees.htm). The vaccinations required are listed here: Bare in mind if you are applying on a K visa you aren’t required to have these before your entry into the USA, however you WILL need them when you adjust status to permenant resident so it’s worth considering getting them done at this point.
  13. I just got a update saying that my case is ready to be scheduled for interview too! I'm not sure whether to get excited about this update or not, just because it's 'ready' doesn't necessarily mean it'll be soon...right? (Although I'm keeping my fingers crossed! ) Does anyone have any idea of the average timescale or significance of this update?
  14. I have heard this too although I'm not 100% sure if there is a requirement - if you haven't sent it yet I would print it again single sided, just to be safe! No point causing a delay if it can be avoided before you start
  15. Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know I got my biometrics appointment letter in the mail today. It is booked for April 4th. To give you an idea of my timeline between NOA and biometrics if you're waiting - USCIS recieved: Feb 26th Called USCIS March 12th - NOA hard copies had been sent March 8th - texts/emails received that night Hard copies received: March 16th Biometrics letter: March 23rd