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  1. Hi all.. hoping someone has insight on USC need to change maiden name to married name on their passport.. we are planning a trip to Colombia in March and I haven't changed my name on my passport to my new married name.. considering my husband has his gc because we are married, will it be necessary for me to change my name on my passport before this trip? Also, wondering if expediting is recommended or if these things generally get processed pretty quick? Any help is much appreciated
  2. i get a session timed out page or it says my info is wrong.. which im positively sure that it isnt. im using a mac computer/firefox browser
  3. Is anyone else having issues with retrieving recently created DS 160 applications? I'm going crazy over here trying to get this website to allow me to get this done!! please help 😥
  4. Not even 20 minutes ago I started a DS 160 application for my mother in law. Some how the page closed, and when I went to retrieve the application it keeps telling me that the name and or birth year is incorrect. I know I did not make an error in my info entry. I'm SO frustrated and I'm on like the 3rd page of the application for the 1st of 3 of my relatives 😭 has anyone had this issue? I know DS 160 is problematic but of course now I'm on a time crunch... fyi, was using firefox browser Thanks to anyone who has input on this..
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