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  1. Just wanted to update the info here... went to the CA DMV office today and my husband was able to get his permit. He will be able to get his license after passing his behind the wheel test but just fyi, they accepted his I-797C (gave them all of those related to the AOS process) and they said because it is "in process" and not "denied" they will be able to use the documents to issue him a DL valid for one year. When he gets his EAD we can go back and update the length of validity of his license. Long story short, if you are waiting on EAD, you DO NOT have to wait to get a DL in California. Bring your Notice of Actions (along with all other required documents) and they should accept those for the time being
  2. So would it be beneficial to use our appointment to get just a CA id card instead of a driver's license which now I see he is not eligible to get yet?
  3. Cool, makes complete sense. Thanks for explaining. I think we'll leave the NOAs at home in a safe place 😉
  4. Stopping by to join October AOS filers... its come full circle, I-129 October filer and now AOS October filer. Anyways, we received our notice of action that they received his I-485 and work and travel docs last week and I logged into my USCIS account and I don't see any record of any new filings since the I-129... what should I expect as far as timelines.. what are you earlier October filers seeing? What are the timelines looking like? roughly....
  5. is TSA state level or federal? Idk the flying without documents scares me.. anyone have experience flying domestically while awaiting EAD? am I worried about this for no reason?
  6. I have made an appointment at the DMV for my husband to get his drivers license. He has his social security number but I was wondering.. what proof do we have that he is here legally? We received the action notice that says they received his i485 and work and travel applications... Is that what he needs to prove that he is here legally? Also same question applies to airlines.. is it a good idea to fly within the US before he gets his approvals? Just sort of in limbo here as to his legal status. If anyone has experience getting a drivers license in CA after arriving on a k-1 I would greatly appreciate anyone to share their experience/tips Thanks!
  7. Good question, we had a similar issue. My guess was because my husband arrived on the west coast which is PST and the system records in EST. just a guess.... I put the date that was listed on his I-94 even though it is technically incorrect. for his arrival date I put the actual correct date. On one section it says "about what date was the arrival date" or something like that so I figured they see this a lot and they could figure it out. But now that someone else is asking id like to know as well
  8. hm must mean it isn't relevant... its easy to get lost in here lol
  9. I printed this example form off but Im not entirely sure if I should make one and include it in our AOS packet... whats the purpose/necessity of it? Is it important to include?
  10. When filing AOS, we will obviously include our marriage certificate... but I was wondering what other supporting documents are needed? We can include photos of our ceremony and a copy of our rental agreement to prove joint residence but the only other thing we have is a joint gym membership which I don't know what kind of document I could use to prove that. We don't have any bank accounts together yet because he just recently received his SSN. Any ideas/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  11. actually, i don't think they require me to say I'm fluent in spanish, only that it was the language we communicated in and that he is fluent... still wondering if i am both the interpreter and preparer or just the preparer though actually nope... read little further they do require that i say i am fluent
  12. I am the USC and my husband is filing for AOS.. however, he speaks limited english so I am preparing his papers.. My question is... Do we mark both Part 10 1b. and 2 or just 2? I speak a sufficient amount of Spanish but I don't necessarily feel comfortable saying I am fluent which is what they seem to require from an "interpreter".. am i the "interpreter" and "preparer" or just the "preparer"?