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  1. Congratulations !!!!!
  2. Thomas Reinhardt

    Please, Please help us out! Criminal Record - FELONY

    What happened with this case? Did it get approved at the embassy?
  3. Thomas Reinhardt

    Required documents for CR/IR -130 petition

    I just sent the copy of the Bio page of mine and hers also the pages with stamps in and out of her country and other countries also page with my two purchased Visa's hers I sent her recently expired passport with Visa's and stamps and also her new passport bio page .
  4. Has anyone ever heard of having to send in a copy of petitioner's passort with all pages even the blank ones and also the blank back side of a US Birth certificate? RFE or NOID? If so please post your story.
  5. Thomas Reinhardt

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    Has anyone been denied or got an RFE for not sending in the back side of their Birth certificate and copies of all pages in their passport even the blank pages ? I have looked at the instructions for the CR-130 multiple times and cannot find this requirement.
  6. Thomas Reinhardt

    Arrest but no charge

    I'm the petitioner.
  7. Thomas Reinhardt

    Arrest but no charge

    I've been Charged and Arrested for various driving offences over a period of time including DWLR lots of them were dismissed by the DA would this be a reason for denial at NOA2 or at the Embassy?
  8. Thomas Reinhardt


  9. Thomas Reinhardt

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    So there are others saying send it to the Texas facility they ate faster but I don't think you have a choice between where it's processed ours went to the Potomac Virginia office is this good or bad????
  10. Thomas Reinhardt

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    Update we got the NOA1 in the mail today looks like it took about 14 Days.
  11. Thomas Reinhardt

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    Sorry that should have been that I only sent in a 2 page love story with our petition.
  12. Thomas Reinhardt

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    Ok I did not include a letter a 2 page letter of our love story will we be denied because I didn't send a introductory letter???
  13. Thomas Reinhardt

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    Ok I understand it . We sent about 200 photos boarding passes for 3 trips to the Philippines stay time was 3 months and 2 week's total a few screen shots of chat logs tons of receipts and proof of Remittances along with at least 5 joint credit cards and two joining bank accounts along with a US issued ITIN number for my spouse have we submitted enough evidence ? We don't have any direct call logs phone bills.
  14. Thomas Reinhardt

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    I was only wondering because we sent our petition in on 8/6/2018 and we still have not got our NOA1 and someone posted that it only applies to filers after September/11/2018 . It's understood on our end that no RFE would be requested after that date so if you didn't send in enough proof of a bonafide relationship they would automatically deny the petition .
  15. Hello does anyone know the procedure on the new No RFE after September/11/2018 if someone has filed on August/06/2018 and gets their NOA 1 before 9/11/2018 does this mean they would not be denied under the new rule of they lacked something or needed more evidence ?