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  1. No she's from Albay but we live in Naga City.
  2. Hello I'm asking again and the Permanent Resident card or EAD card what is the correct name format for the card ? The front of my wife's card has her first name middle initial and last name on the front of the card in two different places however on the back of the card it has her full name USCIS says it's spelled wrong because of the information provided with her Immigrant visa packet well that to is incorrect because the visa and all forms has her full middle name should the fix this at no cost to us ?
  3. Ok USCIS send us a reply to our case about the permanent resident card being printed wrong they said they made the PRC from the US Immigrant visa but they still misspelled the middle name by only using the first initial so should they replace the card for free? The card does have the complete middle name on the back of it why has this happened ?
  4. Hello my wife finally got her permanent resident card however her name is complete on the back first name middle name and last but on the front of it first name middle initial and last name in two different places is this normal or should we have it fixed and her middle name isn't long either I've seen others with longer names on the card is this a mistake on USCIS or is it normal?
  5. Hello can anyone help us with this DS 260 issue my spouse has had a total of 13 addresses most were like only a year or a little less and one out of her country for 3 years problem is when we enter them we can only get maybe 5 or 6 entered and then when you click add another it boots us off the website all information entered in is now deleted we have made many attempt to enter them in to no avail does anyone have any suggestions ? Or the same experience.
  6. That's exactly what I read but it does say unless they've reached majority in the area where they live but they insist that it doesn't matter unless you claim them as dependents on your income tax returns this is one of many reasons why I doubt the Attorney's abilities it's a very well known law firm they've got lots of cases approved but this is one of two major mistakes they've made the first mistake was the police clearance certificate they said my spouse needs one from anywhere she's lived since the age of 16 I fully understand this but according to them that means ant city any Barangay this cause me to send my wife on a 3 day trip all over the Philippines to get these certificates but some Barangays told her she has to have a valid current address in that particular area to receive the police clearance I already knew of the NBI but they insisted and even sent me an email saying she needs a police clearance from anywhere she's lived even if different cities or Barangays in her own country .
  7. Hello I have a question about the I 864 form affidavit of support Household size I'm currently waiting for our NVC case number has anyone done this before like recently ????? It's only me and my wife however I do have 2 children with my x she has them and I do pay a current order for support for them one is 19 he will Graduate in June of this year the case worker has confirmed this with the school it does say on the fore that dependents may not live in the home with you so to me that means I have to include them as in the house but I don't claim them on my taxes as dependents she does but my Attorney's paralegal keeps saying your household size is 2 if you don't claim them as dependents on your taxes I'm not letting him do my I 864 form cause I don't understand why their telling me confusing information compared to the actual form has anyone done this ???????
  8. What happened with this case? Did it get approved at the embassy?
  9. I just sent the copy of the Bio page of mine and hers also the pages with stamps in and out of her country and other countries also page with my two purchased Visa's hers I sent her recently expired passport with Visa's and stamps and also her new passport bio page .
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