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  1. Hi fellow Julies; Combo card on hands yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!. Thank God Wish other Julies good luck and quick processing of their EAD/AP. Goodluck to those still waiting.
  2. Hi everyone. I got an update; Card was mailed to me. Cant be happier. Thank you Jesus!!!!. Now I can work again.
  3. Hi guys today marks 121 days since I submitted my app. Got an update today; New card is being produced!! Thank God Wish other July filers luck. Hang in there folks it will surely come.
  4. Oh! Congrats. Wot's your local office?
  5. Hi @ Ashley kay, congratulations on your expedite. Pls if I may ask, what was your reason for the expedite?
  6. It's good to get a joint account. It's one of the major requirements . It takes nothing to get one.Goodluck as you prepare for your interview.
  7. Hi girl! Just hanging on, bored. Cant wait to have my EAD/AP
  8. Hi folks just received my bio letter. Date 8/7/18 .
  9. No.No any electronic notification,no text no e-mail.
  10. Same with me. Received hard copies Noa1 for all three today.Documents received 12th July.
  11. @ Jaquelly what license pls? Driver's license? I ask because we live in Texas.
  12. Hi folks. My Sponsor made a mistake in the contact address on I-864 form,typed the wrong state.Will it affect the application or do we need to make online change of address to correct it? Thanks for your advice. Oh wow!! Good to be in same thread once more. @Chuani got approved and has collected her passport don't know if she has arrived States now.