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  1. For my EAD expedite they sent the fax instructions by regular mail so I’d assume it is also possible in your case.
  2. You can apply without one but you should wait until you have the EAD to accept a job offer or start working.
  3. Your EAD and AP are outside normal processing times so I would open an inquiry with USCIS. You can refer to the below website for instructions: https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayONPTForm.do?entryPoint=init&sroPageType=onpt
  4. Not since then but that was just a couple days ago.
  5. For me it changed to ”Response to RFE was received by USCIS” or something similar a couple days after USPS delivered the documents.
  6. It’s the same number but getting to talk to an agent can be a bit tedious. Easiest way is to go through the options and select that you dont know case number. That should connect you with a live operator. There is no specific extension you can select.
  7. I never got a confirmation for them receiving my fax. Next update was "Card is being produced" a week later. But seems to vary on case by case basis.
  8. Not sure if this helps but I never got an email either. Instead I received the fax instructions via USPS about 6 days after the status changed to "request is completed". They do specifically instruct to attach the notice with your fax so I'd give it a couple days in case they sent the notice by snail mail.
  9. I second this, at least based on my experience. As the processing times for I-765 have grown painfully long, it may be relatively easy to demonstrate a significant sum for personal financial loss in just lost wages. On the other hand, quantifying loss to a company as a dollar figure is much harder and unless you can somehow demonstrate that you are irreplaceable to the company it might be a hard case to argue.
  10. Yes, it didn't change for me. They're going to mail you the approval notice and it usually arrives a few days before the card itself. I think the only email you'll get might be an automatic one related to the status update (give it 24 hours or so)
  11. Yes, that is what the status changes to when they approve your I-765. You'll get an additional notification when they mail it to you. Congrats!
  12. Probably not a fight worth picking, I'm just going to send mine in again. After all it is possible that something's gone missing at some point of the process.
  13. I got an RFIE for my birth certificate that was issued in English by my government and contained all the required information. Included 2 copies in the original submission but apparently something was "wrong" with it. It seems like they've been sending a bunch of those lately, perhaps to buy some time idk
  14. I was looking at the case tracker app and a lot of people have gotten RFIEs around our filing dates. My letter arrived on Friday and it was a nonsense one about a birth certificate that I already submitted. Guess I'm going to just resend it. Hope yours will be simple to resolve too!
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