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  1. I can confirm that the automatic extension does not apply to F1 OPT EADs since the AOS EAD is under a different eligibility category (checked this with my company's immigration attorneys). My company had to terminate me upon expiration of my OPT but luckily my expedite was approved shortly after and I was able to return to work. In my case, showing an email from my employer indicating that they have to terminate me upon my OPT expiration and an itemized summary of personal financial loss (lost wages + lost benefits) was enough to get the AOS EAD expedited. However, based on what I've seen on these forums, it's somewhat arbitrary whose expedite requests get approved.
  2. Can confirm that my interview was scheduled for Oct 31st at the Kendall office which is not my office by zip code. Perhaps they actually are making an effort to reduce the previously ridiculous wait times in South FL.
  3. I requested an expedite to my AOS based i-765 about three weeks before my OPT expired. The expedite was approved three days before the expiration date of my OPT (and F1). Being in F1 status does not mean that they will automatically reject your expedite request.
  4. You should answer truthfully to each question and use the pages at the end of the application to explain each answer. Having served in a military force doesn't automatically disqualify your application but omitting details may. I've had to disclose my military training every time applying to a US Visa and it hasn't caused any issues thus far. As for the specific questions, you should very likely answer 54 and 55 "Yes". For 48b and 48e, it would depend on whether the military of your country has been involved in any of the activities described in 48a. Regardless of your answers, you should include a statement describing the exact dates of your involvement and the roles in which you served in the military.
  5. You can see my full timeline in my profile but I filed May 6th and had my biometrics in early June at the North Miami Beach ASC.
  6. Got my interview letter today; the appointment will be at the end of October. Interestingly, the interview will be held at the Kendall field office rather than the heavily backlogged Miami one (which would be my default field office). I did not get a prior notification about my case being transferred. Anyways, this could be good news to people with slow field offices if this is part of the USCIS initiative to clear backlogs by transferring cases to other nearby offices.
  7. Perhaps. I will post an update once I get the interview letter with date and location.
  8. Interview was scheduled today (May 2019 filer). Zip code wise, my field office is Miami but won't know which office the interview will be at until I get the physical letter. In my case, the quoted processing times on the USCIS website couldn't have been more off.
  9. Case status changed to "Interview was scheduled" today. I couldn't believe my eyes considering that my field office's (Miami) processing times are quoted at 23+ months and I got an RFIE in early July. Now waiting to get the interview letter to find out the exact date.
  10. They usually ask for evidence for expedite requests; I did include a summary of student loans and lost income if I had to quit my job (I'm adjusting from F1). With a valid job offer you can probably make the argument that there is severe financial loss for not being able to work but, as with everything USCIS related, in the end it'll come down to whether you get lucky with whoever reviews your request.
  11. Nope, strangely my status changed to "Ready to be Scheduled for Interview" a couple of days after I got my RFIE. A few days after that change I got the courtesy letter. I didn't send the RFIE response in until a couple weeks later.
  12. It seems to be somewhat arbitrary whose expedite requests get approved but I think you would have a decent chance, especially if you can get a job offer to supplement the request.
  13. For my EAD expedite they sent the fax instructions by regular mail so I’d assume it is also possible in your case.
  14. You can apply without one but you should wait until you have the EAD to accept a job offer or start working.
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