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  1. we sent our all at once, and replied quickly (sent with express mail). EAD came first in January, then interview appointment in February, then approval in April. We sent in our Adjustment in August. We used the timelines and estimated waits for city we filed in to get an idea of how long the wait was.
  2. i felt this, because during our interview the agent asked me for my passport, and i said it should be in my file. She didnt want to admit they lost it, and I didnt bring it to the interview so they held up our approval since they didnt have all the docs. They called my husband and had him bring up my birth certificate AND my passport pics... 2 months later they approved us. I really do think they just hold off for whatever reason....
  3. they did the same for us. Dont know why, but we just quickly sent in whatever they wanted then got our interview a few months later. I think I sent in a notorized copy of my passport ( i think, it was so long ago)
  4. it will work out.. it has been hard for us too... everything will fall into place...
  5. I am just seeing all of this was posted in October of last year...
  6. I think i posted in the wrong group, but hubby just got his greencard approved today and it has been a long road. I AM ELATED! K1 can get a temp ssn. That was what my husband did until his EAD got approved.
  7. long time!!!!! Hubby got his green card approved today!!!!! so happy my hands are shaking. Many I remember from October k1 days and look how far we have come.
  8. Hello Everyone!I do not know if there wasn a May 2018 NOA2 to NVC thread. I'm from the October 2017 thread and I'll still be posting and lurking here to see all the migration. If you have any deets on what to do next please feel free to throw it here for the May NVC'ers. Thank you! [btw, if there is a thread already made, please let me know so i can shut this one down] Many Thanks!
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