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  1. Evening to everyone, My husband and I had his AOS interview on yesterday and he was approved!! 😃 We had our interview in Atlanta,GA and had to go through a metal detector which the security guards were quite friendly. They check his appointment letter before they allowed us to go through the dectector. From there you go to a Checkin window and they asked for his ID and appointment letter. They then handed him a ticket and we had to take the elevator to the 3rd floor. The downstairs lobby was a bit crowded but upstairs you could count the people waiting on two hands. It was less than 15mins and we were called by the officer for our interview. She had the most mean look on her face. We greeted her and she told us what her job was to do and then we we're sworn in. The questions were basic. Just questions from the application. How we met and me traveling. They have all the documents; all the pictures you ever sent them right at the desk. The officer was writing,typing, and flipping through the forms. She did ask him was he working,asked me how much is the mortgage. She then elaborated on my husbands answers. We also talked about the visits and she pulled out a few pictures we had sent and looked at them. As the interview went on the officer smiled and laughed as we answered the questions. She then asked for our photos and proof of joint accounts and our relationship. I explained my bank would not allow my husband to get an account without a greencard to confirm he's a resident because that's what the CU told me. I also explained about the other card we didn't get because they told us they couldn't confirm his identity. He had no credit yet so that's probably why. I told her he has a card though through his job. She was like okay. She told us what we needed to do because it's not true he can get a card. I gave her the documents of the other joint accounts we had together and the accounts he pay but she just closed the folder and didn't really look at it. She asked did we have photos and reviewed our photo book and photo story book. The officer then said that she believes that we have a real relationship and that she would like to approve him for his "Green Card!" She said she believes we truly love each other and she could see us being married forever. That felt good to hear from her. Because we are in love. We shook her hand thanked her and headed on our way. We were told it takes 2-3 weeks to receive the card. If you know anyone who is about to file a K1 or AOS; front loading, pictures, and spending time with one another are your friend. Because she was skeptical at first but due to us spending a lot of time together and being with his family she said she was convinced we loved each; which we truly do. God has granted us favor as well and this is a great blessing! Happy happy happy 😆 Good luck to you all.
  2. Thank you. I truly appreciate your help. 🤓
  3. Evening all, I tried going online reviewing on the uscis website but the question I need assurance with I could not find a specific answer for. I'm probably reading more into the question then I need too but I want to try to avoid mistakes if possible. My my question is, on the AOS application: I 485 Part 6 Page 8 Information About Your Children I am the US citizen my husband is the "applicant" and we do not have children together. He has no kids from a previous relationship. I have two kids. So does he need to include them in this section. I know they are his step kids but I didn't know if they meant his actual step children; say for instance from a previous relation(which he do not have). I appreciate any assistance provided.
  4. Oh thank you for this detailed information Christina. I truely appreciate it.
  5. I really appreciate your insight and I understand most of what you wrote lol. Thank you
  6. Morning everyone, I have a question. We got married on April 14th but are waiting on some documents to complete the AOS application. Can we file Employment approval EAD and just sent that form in prior to completing the AOS? We went to the Government Agencies and called them as well about getting his ID and Social. They won't give my husband his SS card without his Work Permit. They won't issue an ID without the SS card. At least he'd be able to start working, he's a Teacher so has been trying to see what can be done for him to apply for employment but the AOS paperwork is pending some of our documents. I'm just a bit confused I guess.
  7. Thank you I really appreciate the information.
  8. Morning VJ family, Great news my fiancé was approved on 03/14/18! I was at the Interview and we picked up his visa on the 22nd. We got home on the 25th! Ours prayers have been answered and It's truly a blessing. Are there any additional papers we need to obtain or take to get our marriage license? My other question is where can I find updated step to AOS? Of course I will be coming to this page as well with questions if you don't mind but just asking. The CBP stressed that we complete asap after we get married. The ceremony is next month all ready planned. Thank you all in advance.
  9. Hello VJ family, Great news my fiancé was approved on 03-14-18! The CEAC tracker went from Application Ready to Application Received on the 14th then that date changed on the 16th. On the 19th it changed to Administrative Processing and then to Issued on the 20th. They sent an email as well that the visa was ready for pick up. I was at the Interview and we picked up his visa on the 22nd. It's truely a blessing. The Lord answered our prayers and so many people were denied that day for various visas. The Consulate told my fiancé that I must truely love him to have travelled so far especially for the interview since it's not easy. They asked basic questions which I documented in our Timeline. He also asked follow up questions and when he would be traveling. We got home yesterday, March 25th! It's feels so unreal. But I want to extend a thank you to everyone who shared their experience personally with me and for the prayers and words if encouragement. I have to add that front loading is what helped our Case, tons of photos with his family, as well as my fiancé knowing me like the back of his hand. People say you don't need all that. I disagree because it truely helped us. All the Consulate asked for was his DS-160, Medical envelope, Affidavit of Support, Police Report, Appointment letter, and payment receipt. That's it. They did not ask him for any other paperwork though we prepared another packet with additional supporting evidence and more updated pictures from my last trip in December. The dates of the visits are vital. Prepare is all I can say. Good luck on to anyone who is still waiting and your continued journey. My question is there an updated step to AOS? CBP stressed that we do this right away after we get married. Also is there anything special that we need to obtain to get our marriage license? The date is set and the ceremony is scheduled. Thank you in advance.
  10. Morning all, My question is which steps do I take next? I know we complete the DS-160 and then what. I put the case number in the tracker but the below pop up came up. Plus it said to follow the "6 steps." I read somewhere you don't complete the 6 steps. So what I do after the DS-160 is completed and saved?
  11. Yes the other link was giving me an error for some reason. So I just added that one in case someone else had the same issue.
  12. https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/
  13. I read we don't complete the 6 steps for the K1, but you can double check. Here's some helpful links. http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1flow https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/
  14. Hi everyone. NOA 2 approved 01/12/18. I spoke to a Rep and NVC received case on 01/30/18 and I got my case and invoice number today 01/31/18! God is good. Thanks for your support.
  15. Thank you so much! I was going to wait at least 4-6 weeks before inquiring on the Case number but I'm glad I called. I have my case number and invoice number. NOA 2 approved 01/12/18. Our case was received 01/30/18. The Rep said it is being assigned out and will go to the Embassy soon but she didn't give me a timeframe for that. She did confirm my email and said the Embassy will be sending me something by email. My fiancé was so shocked they got it so fast when I told him. God is good and Thanks again.