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  1. Yes, I came on a K1. I wonder if you get US identification would USCIS accept that as a change? The court house might be able to give you some good advise? The bank accepted our marriage certificate as a change to my name even though all I had was my passport and Irish drivers license in my maiden name, they were really helpful and made that easy. For my passport, I applied online, I had to send my passport and marriage certificate to the passport office in Ireland and they changed it no problem. The only issue I had was it took a while for me to get my passport back, which of course was due to covid
  2. Have you applied for any US identification yet-drivings license etc? When I moved to America and got married, I applied for everything, license, bank accounts, SSN and the likes in my married name and just produced our marriage certificate. I had absolutely no problem with it at all
  3. They will return it. We filed our ROC, we wrote a check for the wrong amount, it was sent back within a week. All we had to do was resend the packet with a new check. Once we did that, they issued an extension within 2 days. Totally panicked when it got send back but it came with a notice basically just telling us what to do- I.E send an updated check
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