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  1. I’m the US born citizen and my husband is Nigerian. My husband Always Sent Me money via western union and I didn’t have to provide proof of none of that. Our visa is approved.
  2. Yesss I can’t wait! He will be here next week!!! I think we both gotta get accustomed to the US because I swear these past 2 years I’ve been more overseas with him lol. Thanks Debbie for all questions answered. You really know your stuff. And I used No lawyer. My husband was really proud of me for that.
  3. Good morning. I am back home in the US from my husband’s interview that was located at Ankara, Turkey Embassy. He is a Nigerian with permanent residency in Turkey. PD-10/9/2018 I-130 approved-7/24/2019 Document qualifies-11/22/9 interview January 27. Visa Approved🎉 Thank you to everyone that helped with questions that I had❤️ Everyone else still waiting, hang In there it will come. It’s not easy, I swear me and my husband almost divorced about a thousand times due to frustration, mainly my troublesome frustration towards this because he was the calmer one. In the past 2 years I have flown to Nigeria and Turkey a total of 9 times. It wasn’t easy but We overcame it! We are finally finished with this thank God! The day After interview, he was sent a notification via text notifying him to pick up Visa❤️ Timeline is updated.
  4. HI Debbie. Thanks for responding. Our interview is scheduled for January 27 in Ankara, Turkey. I thought I been updated the spreadsheet
  5. We have not recieved our p4 letter. Would it be delivered to my address in US or his? If we don’t receive it in time, can he just print the email of interview confirmation sent to us?
  6. hello all! I just received my husband’s interview letter for January 27🙏🏽 DQ 11/22. It’s a new week and They are working on these letters so for those that didn’t get it yet, it’s coming soon enough. Good luck to all! This process is about a good 15 months for ir1/cr1 give or take.
  7. Hoping that this new week brings interview letters🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Waiting since DQ November 22.
  8. Just ready to be over this. We are waiting for our interview. DQ November 22. Hopefully January is our month🙏🏽
  9. 🥰 all will go well. Be confident, your time has come. Congratulations in advance.
  10. wow its a totally different page. It says At NVC. Ive been DQ since 11/22. Waiting on interview letter. I did not know you can check like this thanks!
  11. so I log onto my ceac account? I am waiting on the interview letter. I didnt know you can do that. Are you talking about the tab that says submtted/accepted?
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