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  1. Yes I’m definitely going with what’s on my official letter. These website dates are off and not updated.
  2. Yes, I see different Pd date. Like 3 days further. Are we able to download it onto our phones? Or it’s just a website?
  3. OK thank you. When I looked at the spreadsheet that dwheeler put up, its asking for cc dates which I don’t have. I was trying to get an estimate of interview scheduling. Don’t see much on Turkey so I hope that just means interview appt won’t be long. These people don’t realize or care how much time and money we have to put in for this process... just found the immigration timeline.
  4. No my question is, do I have to have a cc date in order to see what time frames my embassy is interviewing on in the “case complete to interview form” I know that I can not choose my interview dates, I just want to know the time frame of when interviews are scheduled for my husband’s embassy so I can plan to attend. For example; will my embassy schedule 1 month or 2 months after cc date.... just want to know how I can find that out that’s all.
  5. Hello. Would I have to have my cc dates in order to view the interview scheduling times for my embassy (Ankara, Turkey)? I’m trying to prepare ahead and that’s why I follow this group.
  6. Let’s see what today brings🤞🤞🤞🤞
  7. Oh congratulations. It gives us hope🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼We get all happy when we hear about an approval lol even if it’s not us.
  8. This is the number I got off the website just now 1-800-375-5283. Good luck and keep us posted. It’s not an RFE so I really don’t know what those people are doing over there😩
  9. Yea that’s why it’s not making any sense. You should call them to see what that’s all about. I e never seen them send 2 notices of receipts out, especially 6 months later. At least they touched your case which is a good sign.
  10. Good at least they touched your case!! Just give them what they asking for. I heard after you provide them with the missing information, an RFE takes 14 days for approval
  11. Ok that’s the time I figured, thanks. Do you know how long the consulate in Ankara, Turkey is taking for scheduling?
  12. Thanks for the update! I’m starting to calm my nerves now. I’m going to visit my husband in May, is there anything besides pics that I need to be getting from him while I’m there? Also, based on the stats here or anywhere, do you estimate a case complete by August? With interview date in October? I know it’s all dependent on how fast embassy is and a lot of other things. That’s the time frame I have based on my research. Just want to see if someone else is seeing the same thing.
  13. I don’t think u need police certificate from the United States. Only the countries you lived outside of the states. I may be wrong