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  1. Age gap a problem? IMO, I don't think so. There is no "normal" today, especially in America. Men marry men. Women marry women. Many couples have unique relationships, and to scrutinize "age gap" sounds rather silly. Unless the CO detects fraud, meaning he/she has some evidence to point to, I think that "age gap" will not be a factor. Good luck!
  2. No joy in Mudville. It appears based upon Consulate announcements..... In accordance with Ho Chi Minh City authorities’ Directive 10, the Consular Section of U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City will be closed for all routine services until further notice. As local public health authorities maintain anti-COVID measures and to keep our staff and customers safe, the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi resumed limited operations with a reduced number of appointments beginning on June 14. One wonders when this madness will end.
  3. It takes about a week to write, but again, it depends upon the workload of your attorney. Once the Writ has been filed, the DOS has 60 days to respond. Nevertheless, they must perform their duty, or give you an interview Appt. They are only compelled to make a decision. They don’t have to approve your case. I will provide additional updates as I get them. Yes, it will help because you will get an appointment. They have no choice. Waiting is not a good strategy. I don’t believe that the Consulate has enough appointments for everybody, especially the K visas.
  4. Yes, good post, but there's a problem. There does not seem to be a priority ranking system that the Consulate uses to rank order cases as they arrive at the Consulate. If you know that there is a a priority system, at least for K-1s, let us know. So, given this scenario, it's entirely possible that somebody's case that just arrived at the Consulate could get an interview before ours, which arrived in February. So, you have an ever growing pond of people competing for a limited number of appointments. It's not only unfair, it's madness. As long as the Consulate remains closed, cases will continue to stack up. And, unless the Consulate dumps a huge number of appointments in the system, many people will never get an appointment. The solution here is for the Consulate to schedule appointments as the cases arrive at the Consulate. Unfortunately, this would be too much work for the Consulate. My attorney is preparing a Writ of Mandamus. We are tired of waiting. I would advise people who can't get appointments to inquire with an immigration attorney about the feasibility of obtaining a Writ. If you want to wait, so be it. I'm afraid you will be waiting too long. My honey met a woman at Cho Ray, who was getting her medical. The poor woman said that she was there to get a second medical, because her first had expired--she couldn't get an interview appointment. There's no excuse for the Consulate treating people the way they do. Good luck, folks.
  5. So sorry to hear this. This process is torture, to say the least. Our case got to the Consulate in February 2021, and we had one appointment cancelled (June 18) and trying to get another. I have a lawyer, and I emailed him today about filing a writ of mandamus, or an order that compels the Consulate to decide the visa case. I'll share the results of that with you as soon as I hear back--in a couple of days. At this point, I see "waiting" as no strategy. I'd ask you consider to shop around for an attorney willing to file a writ of mandamus. Anybody reading this who has filed a writ please let us know. Again, so sorry to hear your story. Stay positive and keep moving forward. Please share your victories when they happen. I praying for you guys. Jim and Lan
  6. The same calendar you are using. Yes, it will kick me off, but sometimes I'm able to get on many times over a 24 hour period--can't explain how that happens. Our appt was scheduled for the 18th (today) and they cancelled it. The Consulate asked to reschedule. No luck yet in getting another appt. This is very frustrating. It appears that Vietnam has social distancing in place again, and Consular operations are slowing down. Good luck. We all need some at this point.
  7. We just got an interview. You have to check the appointment calendar several times a day. The appointments go quickly, and as soon as you see one open, you have to book it right away or it will be gone. It took me a month before I was finally able to get an appointment.
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